Get Your Total War: Warhammer Fix For Under $16

Get Your Total War: Warhammer Fix For Under $16

It doesn’t come with any DLC, but if you’ve been waiting for a chance to explore Total War’s spin on the Warhammer universe, good news. Creative Assembly’s latest war simulator is available now for less than $16, and you can get it even cheaper if you’re willing to put in a bit of work.

Total Warhammer is the special pre-order bonus for the March offering of Humble Bundle’s monthly subscription service, which means you can sign up for a single month, pay ~$16 ($US12), get Total Warhammer and then cancel your subscription.

You could, of course, wait until March before cancelling. You’ll get a whole stack of games that way. Either way, this is the lowest price Total Warhammer has been: it was discounted to $US44.99 over Christmas, and has been at full price for the most part before that.

For the record, the February bundle came with XCOM 2, Ryse: Son of Rome, ABZU, SteamWorld Heist, Okhlos, Project Highrise, Husk, Oh, Deer! and a demo for HollowKnight. Not too bad for the price of a schnitty at a pub.


  • Was waiting for a Skaven pack before picking it up, but I have had my HB monthly sub rolling on for a while. Will preload it I guess.

      • Bretonnia for single player is next off the rank if I remember correctly considering that they just released Wood Elves.

  • so still trying to figure out the click bait of getting it cheaper with just a little work – pray tell what little work is needed to get it cheaper than $12 (other than subscribing for 3, 6, or 12 months)?

    it is a good offer, but the article title is MISLEADING.

  • Bloody hell that’s a good deal, honestly guys I can’t recommend this enough, game is great fun, this is bloody cheap and if you have enjoyed previous TW games or are new to the series this is a great place to start. I have smashed this game since release, playing all the mini campaigns and all the main races on the grand campaign, it’s well worth trying at this price.

  • Yes! I’ve been holding out on this game for a good deal… and here we have a GREAT deal!


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