Half-Life 2 On Super-Low Settings Looks Like Minecraft

LowSpecGamer, who we've previously seen destroying games like The Witcher 3, has done something very special to Half-Life 2, taking what is still a fairly decent-looking shooter and turning it into something that looks it came out of a 12-hour game jam.

He's gone well beyond just moving every setting to low, of course, digging into the game's files to change a load of values that force low-res polygons and disable nearly all the game's effects.

I... really like it.


    I remember doing something like back in the day. Turns out there was a setting where one could set the level of DirectX if the engine didn't detect one's card right.

    Can't remember switch (set_dx_level ?) but I used it and gave it the value of 1 and the game looked like something I would have played on a PS1, :-P

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