Here's A Really Cool Australian Game You Should Think About Playing

You may or may not have heard of Hollow Knight, the gorgeous looking Metroidvania being developed by Adelaide-based studio Team Cherry, but if you hadn't you have no excuse now.

This is a gorgeous looking video game.

It hits Steam, GOG and pretty much everywhere that sells PC games on February 24. That's ten days away. This video game ticks a lot of boxes for me. Super keen.


    There's a moment in the trailer showing some Metroids floating in the background. Epic little reference to it's roots

    Ugh I don't want to be "that guy" but I'm so sick of platformers! Are there any Aussie Dev'd RPGs out there or something a bit different?

      There's some pretty good Australian developed RPGs:

      Satellite Reign
      Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire

      Not an RPG, but it's not a platformer either. Antichamber is Australian made. And it's also freaking excellent.

      Also, if you want old-school, there's Fallout Tactics : Brotherhood of Steel & the 1993 Shadowrun in the SNES.

        To all those that are listing Aussie indie games: THANKS!!

        I didn't know any of these were Australian. Gotta support the local talent, what, what!

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          Same!! I've always wanted more Aussie based games but the main ones that really get coverage all seem bunched in the same bag or are very similar.

          BTW Definitely checking out Satellite Reign!!!

            Definitely worth it! Just like old Syndicate, but with flash!

    I played Hollow Knight a couple of years ago at PAX, and I really liked it. Excited to see it's finally available!

    As a huge metroid/castlevania fan, I haven't been too impressed with many of these games over the years.

    But hollow knight looks pretty good, I'll support an aussie dev whenever I can, and the gameplay looks to fit nicely on the switch.

      never got into metroidvania things until Ori & the blind forest. goddamn that was an excellent game.

    At least I have Shovel Knight on my Vita. Would love this though.

    Looks like Salt and Sanctuary.

    I liked Salt and Sanctuary.

    If this comes to the Switch I'll be getting a copy.

    Definitely picking this up for Switch and cant wait!! Was waiting for it to land on Wii U but now I can take it out with me!

    My only hope - a physical release. Is that too much?

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