Here's How You Can Watch Today's Super Bowl

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If you want to follow today's action, here's the best places to do so.

For Australians the best option is Channel Seven's PLUS7 streaming service. It doesn't require an account to setup, streams in reasonably good quality and has a decent track record of handling high profile games, as shown with the recent Australian Open.

Second best option is to sign up for a two-week free Foxtel Play trial. That'll let you stream on your PC and Mac once the account is registered.

If you're looking to catch the game on your phone, you'll need either the Foxtel Go or PLUS7 apps. Here's the links for PLUS7 on Android and iOS, which like the browser version doesn't require an account. If it's Foxtel Go you're after, here's your Android and iOS links.


    Guessing it can't handle the users. My stream is only lasting 30 seconds before cutting out

    If there any Kiwis here, it's free to air and live on DUKE and TVOne, on basic television. No Sky needed :)

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