Here's The Cheapest Copies Of Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild In Australia

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Most people will be grabbing a copy of Breath of the Wild alongside their Switch this week - and those that don't buy a Switch now will probably pick up copy of Zelda down the road when they do. (And if you're holding onto your Wii U, then chances are you're definitely grabbing Zelda soon.)

But there aren't many Switch bundles that come with Breath of the Wild. So to help you out, here's the cheapest copies of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the country.

Target: $79

Advertised in their latest catalogue, Breath of the Wild and every other retail Switch game will be $79 at launch. The one exception is 1-2 Switch, which costs $59. It's worth noting that Snipperclips will only cost $30 on the eShop, if you're looking for cheaper games to pick up ASAP.

Big W: $75

As reported by Vooks, Big W has got the lowest price amongst the major Australian retailers thus far. You can actually get it cheaper if you pick up the Breath of the Wild bundle in-store, which you can still catch up on below.

Here's The Cheapest Nintendo Switch Bundles In Australia

Chances are most people have pre-ordered their bundles already. But if you haven't - and don't mind waiting until April, or hopping from store to store to test your luck - here's a list of all the Switch bundles you can get.

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OzGameShop: $77.99

Regular deal applies with OzGameShop: you can get a decent price, but you'll have to wait a bloody long time before it ships. Might not be a bad option if you're getting a Switch in, say, April. But in general I'd recommend supporting a local retailer, especially if the price difference is negligible.

Gamesmen: $89.95

Pretty much standard fare, this. It's worth noting that you can still get day one Switch pre-orders from The Gamesmen until Thursday 1:00 PM AEDT. If you were picking up a Switch from them, grabbing a copy of Zelda with it makes a lot more sense.

Dick Smith: $89

This actually works out cheaper than the Gamesmen, due to shipping. Dick Smith and Kogan (one and the same, really) have official Australian stock of Zelda and the Switch, incidentally. (Here's the link to the Kogan listing; it's the same price.)

DVDLand: $79.95

There's a lot of smaller retailers popping up this week, names you don't usually see around these traps. Anyway, if you live in the Gold Coast you might have some luck walking into DVDLand. Or it might be worth the trip if your nearest EB Games/JB Hi-Fi up there is out of stock. Either way, the more retailers, the better.

Belfield Music: $89.95

The guitar and music accessories retailer is stocking Switch bundles, so why not stock Breath of the Wild too? You're not saving anything, but you are supporting a local business, and there's a Red Rooster just nearby so you might as well relive your best 9-year-old self while you're at it. Anything that's not a Strip Sub is The Wrong Choice, by the way.

Dungeon Crawl: $82.58

Not a bad offering from the Victorian retailer. But you'll have to pay for shipping if you don't head to the store yourself, and it probably makes sense to save on that front by getting the game from the same place you're getting your Switch from.

JB Hi-Fi: $79

A decent enough offering. Shipping's $3.50 if you're buying from the online store, but chances are you'll just grab it in person.

EB Games: $89.95

Standard fare here. You can get EB to price match, of course.

Play-Asia: $79.71

This is the American version, although it's worth remembering that the Switch and its games are region free. You're not really saving anything though, and you'll have to put up with a) international shipping and b) waiting for something to ship from overseas.

Domayne: $89

You know that place you usually drive past and think, "Oh, I bet the furniture in there is really expensive?" Turns out Domayne is selling Breath of the Wild, too. No idea why, but it helps to know.

Mighty Ape: $75

Mighty Ape with a decent deal here. They're more well known in tabletop circles, but they have plenty of decent offerings on video games, and Breath of the Wild is no exception. Their $99 offer on the Switch Pro Controller is pretty good, too.

Harvey Norman: $79

Harvey Norman goes under the radar around these traps, which I can appreciate. But if you want a reasonably priced copy of Zelda, and a store is nearby, you might as well check it out. They'll accept pre-orders from their online site as well, however.

It's worth noting that if you want to pick up the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild, most of the retailers above are stocking it as well - but largely for the same price. You can follow all the links above and then work backwards, if need be.

So those are the cheapest copies of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Australia. Have I missed anything? Did you spot a great discount somewhere? Let us know in the comments!


    Will be picking up all my gear at Big W then cancelling all the ones at EB and moving the money onto a price matched Zelda. Screw paying EB prices, Big W is over a hundred cheaper when buying a Switch, two games and one controller.

    Last edited 28/02/17 1:02 pm

    Doing some trade-ins at JB for Zelda. Can get other games next pay. Just need new Zelda for now.

    Wouldn't the cheapest copy be downloading the cracked version lol

    Dammit I want to play this game so much, but I just can't justify it right now.

    Strange that Horizon's cheapest copy is $6 less than Zelda's cheapest copy when the US RRP of both games is the same.

    Wait, Dungeon Crawl has a shop now? I thought they closed down years ago?

    every damn screen I see of that game looks soooooo damn fine man. Beautiful

    I'm getting The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild this week at EB Games along with the Nintendo Switch Neon Console because I'm a big Zelda fan who loves playing as Link exploring the land of Hyrule defeating Ganondorf and protecting Zelda from the evil Ganon himself in order to save Hyrule.

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