Here’s The Cheapest Nintendo Switch Bundles In Australia

Here’s The Cheapest Nintendo Switch Bundles In Australia
A halal snack pack wouldn't be a bad option either, now that I think about it.

Chances are most people have pre-ordered their bundles already. But if you haven’t – and don’t mind waiting until April, or hopping from store to store to test your luck – here’s a list of all the Switch bundles you can get.

JB Hi-Fi

Nintendo Switch (Grey/Neon): $469

Base version of the console, in grey or the neon red/blue. JB are stocking all of the accessories as well at standard prices; there’s nothing special here.


Nintendo Switch (Grey/Neon): $450

As reported by the long-running Nintendo hub Vooks, Costco are selling the base Switch bundle for $450. You’ll need a Costco membership card to buy anything from Costco, mind you, but if your parents have one you can just borrow theirs. Card-carrying members can also take a +1 into the store with them, so you might as well do a big shop while you’re at it. (Pro tip: the buckets of Ainsley Harrison cous-cous are real cheap, and real good. Do try.)


Nintendo Switch (Grey/Neon): $469

You’ll have to put down a $50 deposit in-store by tomorrow, as per the official Target Australia Twitter:

Best spend some time tonight trucking over to Target, because there’s no word on whether availability will vary by store or what the situation is.

Big W

Nintendo Switch with 1-2 Switch: $499 Nintendo Switch with Zelda: Breath of the Wild: $519

You won’t be able to get pre-orders on the regular Switch offering from Big W anymore – those have closed down already. Those who pre-ordered from Big W have been given the option to upgrade to one of these two bundles, according to Vooks, but anyone else will have to try their luck at launch. Good luck.

Harvey Norman

Nintendo Switch (Grey): $469

Available online but only in grey, Harvey Norman is a good option if all the usual suspects are sold out.

EB Games

Nintendo Switch (Grey): $469.95

Pre-ordering now or after launch means you won’t get a Switch until April, so keep that in mind. There is the odd chance that you could walk in-store and pick up a console if someone chose to receive theirs later on, or they couldn’t pay by the launch weekend, but I wouldn’t take my chances with that.

Update: EB has confirmed that you can still pre-order the grey Switch bundle now for launch day, but any pre-orders of the Neon console won’t arrive until April. Thanks, EB.


Nintendo Switch (Grey/Neon): $469.95

I wouldn’t expect these consoles to arrive at launch, given how close we are to the date. I’ve gotten in touch with Gamesmen to confirm, and if I hear back from them I’ll let you know. Update: If you place an order before Thursday 1:00PM Sydney/Melbourne/Hobart time, you will get stock from the first shipment. The actual arrival date, however, will depend on where you live.


Nintendo Switch (Grey/Neon): $469

Kogan won’t ship the Switch until March 6, so you won’t get the glory of launch day goodness. But they are still taking pre-orders, which could be useful, and if you’re into Qantas frequent flyer points you can get those too. Kogan’s supply is official stock too, meaning you get the benefits of local warranty, something Kogan doesn’t always offer.


Nintendo Switch (Grey/Neon): $459.95

Haven’t heard of Cubox? Then you probably don’t live in Queensland. They’re a retailer based in Bowen Hills – that’s central Brisbane, basically – and they’re a bit of a mixed shop, selling point of sale terminals, drones, TV tuners, consoles, fitness gadgets, graphic tablets, racing wheels and flight sticks.

They’re also selling Nintendo Switch bundles, funnily enough. They’re just the standard ones, but having more options is always a good thing. (It’s also an indication that the supply for the Switch won’t be like the debacle that was the Mini NES Classic.)

Dick Smith

Nintendo Switch (Grey/Neon): $469

Dick Smith and Kogan are one and the same, so whatever happens to one will likely be replicated on the other store. Keep that in mind.

Belfield Music

Nintendo Switch (Grey/Neon): $469.99

Belfield Music isn’t a pair of words I thought I’d be writing on The Kotaku Video Game Website, but there you go. They’re based in Bass Hill (NSW), and are – surprise! – more known for their supply of instruments and music accessories than consoles. But they’ve got both versions of the Switch and the basic set of accessories, so there you go. Maybe worth a visit if you live around Bankstown. Belfield Music is next to a Red Rooster as well, so you really could relive your childhood in a single afternoon.


Nintendo Switch (Grey/Neon): $531.47

Not the first choice option, but if you have some credits saved up or you like ordering through Play-Asia you can get the Switch through them as well. Pre-orders haven’t opened up for the models being sold to Asia or America, but the Australian console (so the Switch that comes with the down under appropriate packaging and cables) is available for just over $531. Given that $US399 – the console’s international price – is more than $500 after the currency conversion, you might as well buy from one of the retailers above.

So those are all the places we could find in Australia that were selling bundles of the Nintendo Switch. Thanks to Vooks for some of the above info. Have you seen any places with a deal that we missed? And are you picking up the Switch this week, or later this year?


  • Technically that Big W one is the only bundle deal here (console + game), the rest are just the base cost of the console..

  • If you’ve pre-ordered with EB they won’t match the bundle prices but they will match prices on the games and accessories. Changed my pre-order with EB games and price matched BOTW ($75 instead of $90) and the pro-controller ($85 instead of $99).

    • So you got the price changed before the launch day? I’ve been told by them in the past they can’t change prices until launch day.

      • I think he lowered the money on his preorder to the lower amount and will price match on purchase.

      • My local EB took off the cash I already had on my preorders to place other orders. Everything has been price matched – BUT I still have to come in launch night to finalise it all.

    • Depending on how much you’ve put down at EB, (hopefully the minimum) you can still get a bundle, then pick up the rest at EB and get it price matched. I’ll be trying that.

  • Belfield Music? Damn that is probably closer than anywhere else. Though still would rather try and snag one of those 1-2 Switch bundles from Big W.

    Also lol wat 😛

  • I’ve lived in QLD almost all my life, and I’d never heard of Cubox until a few months ago. They were/are one of the only places you can buy the Realtone cables for Rocksmith.
    No complaints about them from me yet. Ordered it through their website, and picked up the next day. Would recommend!

  • So, apart from Big W there are no bundles is what you’re saying?

    Yeah nah, I’d love to play BotW but I’m not paying $569 to play one game (the Big W bundle isn’t too bad though).

  • All a hundred bucks too pricey for me. Hope everyone enjoys it and it is massively successful though. Or people hate it and I can get a cheap second hand one.

  • Any news about Zelda Breath of the Wild on Wii U from Target or Big W?

    So far the cheapest I’ve found is ozgameshop for $76. Offline the cheapest is JB $79, then EB $89.

  • Shin Tokyo in Adelaide are apparently selling the Switch for $459.90, but I don’t know if it’s their normal or member price – and EB generally don’t price match member prices.

  • Not sure if this is availble else where, I got JB to price match the Big W bundle. The staff said to place a pre order and don’t be there for the midnight launch and they could price match it.

    This is at Canberra Centre.

  • Well I’ve already pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch Neon Console bundle from EB Games just a couple of weeks ago and since I’ve already got my order confirmation email sitting in my bedroom all I have to do now is wait for EB Games to send me an text message hopefully they will let me know when my Nintendo Switch Neon Console pre-order is ready to be picked up at their Warrnambool store located at Armada Gateway plaza because along with the Nintendo Switch Neon Console pre-order I’ve also pre-ordered The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild so I hope my pre-order doesn’t put me on the second shipment which is due to arrive in April because otherwise I wouldn’t be very happy that I have to wait till April for the Nintendo Switch Neon Console to arrive.

  • I’m going to Japan later next month, I was thinking perhaps I could buy one off the shelf at Yodobashi or Bic Camera. Ha! I was told that the Switch was pre-sold out for months!

  • Costco have great deals on the Switch+games from time to time. But…

    A. Don’t borrow anyone’s card unless you want to risk having their Costco account suspended
    B. You can take a group of people in with you, 3, 4, even 5. You’re a family or first-timers, Costco don’t mind if you’re straight with them.

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