Here’s What For Honor’s Story Looks Like

Here’s What For Honor’s Story Looks Like

If you’ve been wondering how the singleplayer portion of Ubisoft’s viking-samurai-swordsman brawler For Honor will shape up, here’s Ubisoft with a couple of hours of gameplay.

Ubi has been promoting For Honor as being more than a multiplayer slaughterfest, and the intro sequence (seen in the closed and open betas recently) had an ominous party obviously interested in having the vikings, samurai and warden square off against each other.

Most of the livestream didn’t venture beyond what most people would expect though: the player defends castles, territories, or venturing into enemy territory to sabotage siege weapons and the like.

Curiously, the developers confirmed that For Honor was running off a “branch” of the engine that originally powered the Assassin’s Creed games. It’s been heavily modified since then, but it’s nice to know where the origins came from.


  • Hm, I guess I’ll check out the campaign when I pick the game up on Thursday. You get some loot to use in multiplayer anyway.

    I had a chance to play a fair bit of the open beta, and it’s pretty enjoyable. There are some definite issues, including ones that I just don’t understand – e.g. the game kicks you out of matchmaking if the initial game it tries to place you in is full. So? Just seamlessly try again. Don’t make me go back into the menu.

    But overall, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. The combat has a fair bit of depth (at least when people aren’t spamming PK bleed or throws) and everything feels meaty and weighted. Fun game, and I hope Ubi continue to support it like they have with Rainbow Six: Siege.

    Now just to find time to play it in between Nioh, my second playthrough of The Witcher 3, and upcoming Wildlands/Horizon Zero Dawn…

    • I’d agree with the joining issues, there’s also the issue of when people who aren’t in your party leave from the match it gives you a “there are not enough players to start a match” instead of re-queuing you it throws you out of your party and back to the main screen.

      But i suppose that’s a small gripe to deal with, i’ve been finding the game fun and the combat can get more in depth than first thought so i’m enjoying it!

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