Here's What The Nintendo Switch's UI Looks Like

Image: hiphoptherobot

Apparently acquired early via a retail mistake, a video of the Nintendo Switch's UI has appeared online this morning.

The video, uploaded by hiphoptherobot and posted to NeoGAF, showcases the basic system settings and various functions. The video also shows off the Switch's touchscreen capability - the first we've really seen - and there's options for the TV resolution, adjusting screen size, RGB range, screen burn-in reduction, and more.

The system only takes a few seconds to boot from launch, and there's a little preview of what you can expect from the startup menu as well. The backend also shows the console having just under 26GB of free storage space, confirming suggestions the base console would ship with 32GB of onboard storage (with the difference being made up by the Switch OS).


    480p/automatic resolution seems odd. Apart from an SD expansion slot, anyone know if this supports an external HDD? USB? 32GB doesnt seem like it can store many games, im not too keen on spending another $100-$200 on top of the $450 console price to store the games

      You'd only need more than 32Gb if you're planning on getting a heap of digital games.

      Nintendo have also said at this stage no external HDD support as you won't be able to access it on the go.

        Zelda is already confirmed as over 13Gb. So if by a heap of digital games you mean 2, then sure, it will take "heaps if games" to fill up 32GB


      The dock has USB so possibly could keep games on there if you don't care much about being portable like me.
      Otherwise you can get pretty massive sized SD cards fairly cheap. The galaxy phone that was recalled came with a free one that people could keep so there are a lot on ebay going cheap.

      the Switch will support upto 2TB SD cards (when they become available) so at launch 512GB will be the highest

        2TB micro SD card... im guessing that would cost around $1500.
        Im aware you can get high capacity cards but they are not cheap, that was my concern

          Got a 128gb Class 10 card for $50 delivered, should tide me over for the forseeable future. By the time I need more, they'll be a lot cheaper I figure. Will only use internal memory for VC and Eshop only titles, going physical for everything else.

    I've pre-ordered, but it's a bit frustrating how Nintendo has failed to provide much information before release.

    I'm talking OS, Virtual Console, Store, transferring digital Wii U purchases, etc.

      Yeah, it's this that actually put me off preordering. I'd rather know more about what I'm getting. Well, that and the fact that at this stage, BotW is the only game that interests me, and I can't justify $560 to play one game.

      Yeah they said we'd find out all of that information 'some time before launch' in the big reveal last month, I assumed that meant we'd get another video/direct early this month.... 2 weeks until launch and still nothing announced though :/

      Last edited 17/02/17 12:51 pm

    Soo uhh... where is the web browser? Email? Chat software? Would like to surf the net on my handheld and sometimes stream stuff, even chat with mates and look at my emails.

      People actually use web browser on consoles when you have a phone? (assuming you have a phone)
      Chat is on your phone app.....

        If you have ever used the PS4 and Xbox One, you would know that you use the inbuilt voice software to chat with your mates while playing. And yes, I do chat with my mates who are on PSN when playing or just browsing on the console, and at times streaming. And this Switch product is meant for the go as well, so it would only be natural for you to play and chat on the go. I ain't gonna have to use my phone to talk with a buddy when we are playing the same multiplayer game session.

      It's not a handheld. It's a console that you can take outside. Nintendo has made a point of this...

        "It's a console that you can take outside." Which essentially turns into a handheld when you take it around, just a decently powered one. But that is besides the point. The point is, that for a piece of hardware with a price point of ~$450, you don't get software to chat with your Nintendo buddies whilst playing? Not even a web browser?

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