Here's What You Get Out Of The PS4 Pro's Boost Mode

Image: PlayStation Australia

One of the problems the PS4 Pro faced prior to launch was the fact that people didn't fully understand what benefit they'd get out of the PS4 Pro if they were just playing on a regular screen, with their regular games.

Boost Mode helps answer that question. It's an option in an upcoming firmware patch that will let older games take advantage of the PS4 Pro's newer hardware. But exactly how much of a benefit do you get?

Digital Foundry put a PS4 Pro with a latest version of the firmware through its paces. They used games like Battlefield 4, Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, games that haven't received a PS4 Pro-specific patch.

In pretty much every case, Boost Mode resulted in higher frame rates, smoother gameplay, and in some instances faster texture streaming. Boost Mode can't fix everything though: the PS4 port of Broforce still runs like arse.

Given that Microsoft is in a similar position where all games for Project Scorpio also have to run on the Xbox One, I wouldn't be surprised if they come out with a Boost Mode of their own. We'll also keep you posted as to when Boost Mode becomes available to all PS4 Pro owners.


    1983 has finally come around again. Get out the popcorn as it's gonna be fun.

    Damnit! I just finish Tomb Raider last week! If I'd known this was coming out I would've waited!

    Althought I enjoyed every second of it so I regret nothing.

    Missed a golden opportunity to call it "Beast Mode" but whatever....

    I wonder if I'll be able to run through Novigrad in Witcher 3 without the frame rate dropping a ridiculous amount.

      Nah, I still get that on PC with a 1440p monitor and a decent (though not outrageous) GPU.

      Novigrad is just balls if you have remotely high texture and NPC settings.

    What about power consumption, heat and noise levels?

      Power consumption in Boost mode? Should be on par with the original PS4, perhaps slightly less (Pro patched games use slightly more power, but also use the whole GPU, not half). That's the advantage of going to AMD's Polaris architecture: 14nm + FinFET = a whole lotta power saved.

      Heat sink in the Pro is much meatier than the original PS4, meaning the fan doesn't have to do as much work, and is more quiet as a result.

    My eyes must be terrible, I can't tell the difference.

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