I’m Just Saying, Look At How Horizon’s Protagonist Turns Around On Horseback

I’m Just Saying, Look At How Horizon’s Protagonist Turns Around On Horseback

I like a lot of things about Horizon: Zero Dawn, but for now let me just say, holy shit, look how they animated her legs when you spin the camera while on horseback.

Here’s a longer clip:

I’m no animation expert, but based on how she’s moving I believe that this is an example of inverse kinematics, a technology that controls the physical motion of an object according to a mathematically defined internal structure. (Like I said though, not an expert. If you’re an animator and think you can tell what’s going on, do share!)

However they did it, it is impressive as hell. Yes, her bow and quiver clip through the horse, and yes, this isn’t the first game to have someone rearrange their legs while on horseback. All the same, look how she slows her leg down when she’s coming back around to the front. We live in an age of wonders.


  • Would you guys rather her torso just spin 360 degrees without her hips moving?
    At least they thought of this small detail even if it is physically impossible.

  • Very impressive, but also a little jarring if you’re only watching.
    I’m sure you wouldn’t notice these details while playing, but the rotation of her torso is too linear, like she’s spinning on an office chair – her head and shoulders don’t lead the animation.
    Also when she lifts her legs, she doesn’t rebalance her weight at all.

    Although my guess is that including these details would actually be distracting while trying to aim.

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