In Japan, A Service For Video Game Coaches To Come To Your House

How would you like a pro gamer to come to your house and teach you stuff? A Tokyo-based company planned to launch such a service.

[Image: GameLesson]

GameLesson was slated to offer "home tutors" that would actually come to your house and show you how to improve at Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Splatoon and Shadowverse. That is, if you live in Osaka or Tokyo! If you wanted, you could've gotten a pro like Street Fighter player Haitani.

[Image: GameLesson]

For those elsewhere in Japan, the lessons would be online, which isn't so unusual. Similar services exist in other countries.


My Game News Flash reports that Twitter users began pointing out that there were customer reviews on the site just when it launched and asking why. Also, IT Media reports that there were also complaints about how much the service was charging. According to Rocketnews, one-hour online lessons started at 4500 yen ($51), while in-person lessons in Tokyo and Osaka started at 11,000 yen ($126) per hour.

[Image: GameLesson]

The criticism lead to an apology from GameLesson's company, who then delayed the tutoring service, stating it was "due to various circumstances".

[Image: GameLesson]

Haitani also graciously apologised for any trouble he caused by participating, adding that he didn't know what was going to happen next.


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