Jim Sterling Returns With A New Jimquisition About The Dismissed Lawsuit 

Last week, the $US10 million ($13 million) lawsuit against Jim Sterling was thrown out of court. This week, Sterling is back with much more to say. 

[Image: Jim Sterling | YouTube]

Sterling previously commented to Kotaku about the dismissed suit, but has much more to say in a nearly 40 minute, rather sombre YouTube video.

Toward the end, Sterling says, "I've done my video and that was my reward for this was just being able to finally talk about it, and I'm done."


    Glad its finally over for him. To be honest, I had to stop listening to his podcast because I got sick of the bleeding heart political mentality, but hes a critic I listen too regardless so hopefully things just keep getting better for him. Also hes a Dynasty Warriors fan which will always wins me over.

      Same here. I cant say I'm a fan, he's way too far out there for my tastes, but he's still entitled to voice his opinion. Glad its over for him, he can get on with angering his little corner of the internet, and the rest of us can go back to forgetting he's out there. :)

    I prefer to read his excellent reviews than watch his (sometimes funny) videos. But in this instance reveled in the ridiculousness of the whole saga.

    Only in America.

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