Konami Turns Bomberman Into Bombergirl 

It's been over 20 years since a Bomberman title has been released in Japanese arcades. So, I assume, Konami decided it was time for Bombergirl.

[Image: Konami]

According to 4Gamer, this is a four-on-four co-op title that's basically Bomberman with... anime girls.

[Image: Konami]

And from the looks of it destructible clothing.

[Image: 4Gamer]

Bombergirl's release date in Japanese arcades is still TBA.


    So ambivalent. I like girls and I like Bomberman, but I dislike this paper-thin effort and dislike Konami.

    It's going to be an arcade machine?!?

    When I see a harem of anime girls in a game, I think of free mobile games.

    Is there some kind of tactic here that I can't appreciate? Why does Konami continuously go out of their way to shit all over the integrity and history of their IPs??? Is their some kind of "Springtime for Hitler", failures-make-more-money kinda thing going on?

    Well, at least it's not a pachinko machine.

    Here's more information about the game, and also includes some gameplay footage (shot off the screen).


    From what I've gathered, it's a 4v4 co-op game that is about destroying the other team's base and defending your own. Each character (4 so far, but from the gameplay looks like there will be a fair few more added later) has their own various skills. For example, one can attack from range and another can create blocks to defend. Also, it looks like collecting bomb, range and speed items like in the original game are a thing of the past. To increase those capabilities you need to level up, which is done by collecting exp items hidden inside blocks. Do note, these drops can be destroyed by bomb blasts, thus ruining your or someone else's chance of leveling. Furthermore, getting blown up by your own bombs or team members' bombs doesn't kill you, it just makes you stunned for a few seconds instead. Which is fine by me, since this is a co-op game. Also, it looks like there's health (which is another thing that can possibly be leveled up), so you can take a couple of hits before you die.

    Do note that these are just my observations and I could be wrong about some of these. It looks very minimal and a bit slow honestly. Doesn't even look like you can kick, grab or throw bombs either. But, it does sound like there could be a bit of strategy to the game depending on which character you play and as well as different team builds to consider. So, who knows, it might be fun to play.

    Just noticed that in the character artwork their clothing has a lit fuse attached to it, in a place that makes it look kinda like a tail... At least that explains why their clothes get destroyed, as it is apparently a bomb. World building at it's finest. lol

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    If this happened somewhere in the Western world, it would be along the lines of 'Konami looks to bring diversity to the Bomberman franchise'.

    However this happened in good old Japan, so of course it's 'Konami creates Bombergirl game, appears to have destructible clothing'.

    Wtf is your problem with Konami all of you!?

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