Look At This Skinny Xbox One Controller

Look At This Skinny Xbox One Controller

Available in the US February 21 from Hyperkin (Australian availability yet to be confirmed), the X91 wired Xbox One controller is designed to replicate the slender form factor of the game pads of old. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet.

The X91 will also be available in red and black. All three will retail for $US29.99 ($41).

The X91 will also be available in red and black. All three will retail for $US29.99 ($40).

I just received a review sample of the X91 and have yet to put it through its paces, but it’s just such a unique shape compared to other Xbox One controllers that I felt I had to share.

It’s the bastard child of an Xbox One controller and a Super Nintendo game pad, its grips short and stunted, its guide button significantly shrunken. The analogue sticks might look smaller, but they’re the same size as Microsoft’s official ones.

I’ve been playing on my NES Classic quite a bit recently (the kids need teaching), so I am used to a controller that’s wide and not tall. The only stumbling block I foresee is the bumpers and triggers, as the X91 doesn’t sport the extended grips that allow my forefinger to rest comfortably against the controller’s backside.

I’ll be giving the oddly-shaped controller a go over the next week to see how it handles Xbox One and PC games. Until then, just look at it. Weird.


  • I’ll be getting it for my commute. Carrying a full-size Xbox S controller on my bag is just a bit … I dunno … wanky. I do it anyway, because I’m a time-poor man and I’ve gotta play dem gamez.

    Hopefully the X91 has Bluetooth, but I’ll suck it up either way. That form factor is very much needed in my backpack.

  • Not for me. I think the X360 controller was the most comfortable of any I’ve ever used.

  • i used to love the x360 controller – until i started using the xbone controller. they literally perfected it. most comfortable controller ive used to date.

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