Man Watches Anime About Animal Girls, Wonders Why It’s Popular In Japan

Man Watches Anime About Animal Girls, Wonders Why It’s Popular In Japan
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[GIF via snatch_aniki]

Kemono Friends is set in a safari with animals that are anime girls. YouTuber Reapers decided to watch it.

Kemono Friends is a hit in Japan, and via Twitter, here’s a selection of Reaper’s reactions as he watches the first six episodes.

You can check out more reactions on Reapers’ YouTube anime channel and watch Kemono Friends on Crunchyroll


  • Wait what.. there’s videos of people watching shows now? Expecting to see videos of people silently reading books to themselves next.

    • it depends on the show, some dude in Japan got some of his american friends to watch the anime “school days” and posted their reactions onto nico nico douga, and got quite a few views.

    • There’s also news articles about videos of people watching a show. Egads, there’s now comments about articles about videos of people watching shows. Where does it end?!

  • Hey mark serrels and co. Just my vote. There’s been a few articles like this lately. I personally REALLY don’t care about what some random videoing themselves and uploading it to YouTube thinks. About anything.

    I’m really, really uninterested in this. I like the games coverage, don’t mind the toys and model coverage, tolerate the cosplay (they’re pretty and it’s games related) and I skip over the comics stuff. But I really hate this stuff.

    Just my 2c. I don’t think I’m alone in this opinion though.

    • You know it’s dire when you prefer Plunkett’s articles to this kind of thing 🙂 although to be fair, Luke has done some more decent stuff lately.

      • I think I really hate this? It’s weird. I’m not really a hater but it just seems so ridiculous. ‘Reactions of a man watching a show or playing a game’. I would literally rather do anything else than watch that clip or read about it.

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