Mass Effect: Andromeda Looks Like It's Giving The Series A Big Combat Upgrade

Mass Effect: Andromeda will cast players as explorer frontier-folk, looking to find a new home for humanity. And, just like any attempts to plant a flag on new territory, there's going to be a lot of fighting along the journey.

A new look at Mass Effect: Andromeda's gameplay focuses on combat, breaking down new weapon classifications, skill customisation and Biotic super-abilities. This all comes across as a lot burlier than in past Mass Effect games but it kind of makes sense in the canon, seeing as how this is rougher terrain and you won't have the infrastructure of a big military organisation backing you up. Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out on March 23.


    That all looks pretty good.

    I've yet to find an automatic cover system that has worked perfectly every time though...

    Gaaaaaah... Why can't I just fast forward through the next month already dammit!! The character build system looks like a hybrid of ME1 and ME3, which I love the idea of, and combat just appears to flow a lot better in Andromeda than in previous iterations, which felt... well, lacking.

    Looks cool but im not really a fan of the unlimited ammo, the gravity hammer looks bad ass though.
    I reckon im really going to enjoy this game

    Yup, I'm definitely ready to play a new Mass Effect. Definitely. Looking forward to Horizon first though and currently crawling my way through Nioh.

      In exactly the same boat, though it's not looking like I'll have time to finish Nioh before Horizon hits

        Oh I almost certainly won't finish Nioh before Horizon so it will probably get put down while I play Horizon and Mass Effect. I'm enjoying it a lot (somewhat of a surprise having never played Souls and bouncing off Bloodborne hard) but I'll choose to play the other first.

    Looks like a decent action game. I also support the return of weapons without ammo - I always liked that in ME1.

    Having said that the action looks good, I am a bit concerned about the direction they are taking Mass Effect. ME1 had a relatively bad combat system (which didn't stop me playing the game 5 times over) - but it was focused more on stats and RPG elements. I feel that the team that made ME1 leaned more towards the RPG side of the Action-RPG that ME1 was supposed to be - and I enjoyed that. A slower pace, more emphasis on dialogue and exploration and story.

    ME2 was great and ME3 was acceptable, but they, in my opinion, did not equal ME1 because they were more spectacle and action focused. Nothing wrong with that, and if you liked ME2 and ME3 more than ME1, that's absolutely fine. But I was a bit disappointed with them, and I, on a personal level, hope that this doesn't lean too much towards the action side of things, in the way Dragon age inquisition and Dragon Age 2 did. I miss the slower pace and more lore-focused style of ME1 and Dragon Age Origins.

    Looks great. Will be lots of fun to fool around with. Looks like the corridors have been replaced by larger environments. Like DA:I. Hopefully it feels more interesting to explore.

    I'm sure there'll still be plenty of Bioware-centric exp point trawling and choice driven conversations - don't think the fans would accept a Fallout 4 cutback in complexity.

    ... would they?

    My biggest concern is the story. There has to be an interesting tale, interwoven through the gameplay. That's why the first trilogy was such a (broad) success. Without the meaty side quests, lore dumps and often brilliant dialogue, I don't know how long it will sustain my interest...

    I hope they get rid of those awful invisible walls. It was incredibly satisfying to play as biotic in ME1 and 2 wearing down shields then picking up enemies and punting them off balconies or high platforms. Then ME3 came and merged the whole thing with walls that basically made biotics feeble and completely fragile.

      Maxed out Biotic Charge + Shotgun = Invincibility. ME3 combat was pretty slick

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