Monopoly Is Killing The Thimble

Monopoly Is Killing The Thimble

While we’ll have to wait until World Monopoly Day on March 3 to find out which eight game tokens fans voted to include in new editions of the game, one classic player piece has already bit the dust. Say goodbye to the thimble.

Just in time for this weekend’s 2017 New York Toy Fair, Hasbro revealed the first casualty of the more than four million votes tallied in their Monopoly Token Madness vote, in which all eight current player tokens were pitted against a slew of newcomers. Potential new additions included a series of emojis, modern vehicles like a helicopter and a speedbike, and a freaking Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Monopoly Is Killing The ThimbleThe contenders. Silver tokens are current.

The contenders. Silver tokens are current.

The thimble was one of the first eight metal tokens introduced to Monopoly in 1937, before which plain wooden tokens were used. Now that it’s been nixed, only shoe, top hat and car remain from that initial run.

I thought for sure the wheelbarrow would get the axe first, but apparently it’s great for carrying around the recently-introduced cat. Either way, the loss of the thimble proves that no piece is safe from the whims of internet voters.

Farewell, thimble. May we meet again one day in a limited edition retro release.


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