My Favourite Images From Toy Fair 2017 Day One

My Favourite Images From Toy Fair 2017 Day One

Tiny Nendoroid Tracer is even cuter in person.

The first day of the 2017 New York Toy Fair has come and gone, and while my Saturday was packed with appointments, I did manage to snap some lovely shots of some amazing new toys from Overwatch, Kingdom Hearts, The Witcher and more.

Square Enix was showing off one of the first figures in its smaller line of figures with a three and a half inch Sora from Kingdom Hearts. He’ll be something like $US70 ($91). Considering their larger figures are in the low hundreds, that’s a bargain?

The Batman Black and White statue from South Korean artist Kim Jung Gi is the creepiest, and I love him.

The Blue Eyes White Dragon is a common site at the Yu-Gi-Oh booth, but we’re friends so I took a snap.

Our first really good full-length look at DC movie Cyborg, who still looks like he’s being eaten by Michael Bay’s Megatron.

From a UUniversal event held on Friday, this is a Halloween costume from the upcoming Mummy movie. The mummy is a girl this time. The presenter said that like five times.

Storm Collectibles makes some amazing figures based on this wrestling man.

There may be a picture of me cuddling The Flash’s turtle on my camera, but you will never see it.

This Lego cat is one of a handful of models that can be made with Lego’s new Boost product, which allows players to build models and program them via a mobile interface. More on that later.

This troll creature is part of Mythic Legions, an amazing set of fantasy action fgures from The Four Horsemen.

This Harley and Joker statue were made by DC Collectibles based on part of the Suicide Squad movie that never happened. The ovie gets that a lot, I hear.

Speaking of Portal 2 co-op, the Good Smile Company is preparing to release these two knuckleheads this year.

I don’t even remember where this Rini came from, I just love her so much. Pretty sure this was at the Bluefin booth.

Designer Chris Hawley poses with one of The Weirds, a series of toys that encourage kids to be different and unique. I can get behind that message.

We finish up the gallery with a pair of new The Witcher figures, coming this year from Dark Horse. Look at Shani’s face. My goodness I love Shani. I need to play through The Witcher 2 again.

And then there’s Dandelion. He’s ok, I guess.

Come back tomorrow for more shots from the show!


  • Shani is only in Witcher 1 and Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone. That model does look awesome though. Going to have to get the set methinks

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