My Favourite Images From Toy Fair 2017 Day Three

My Favourite Images From Toy Fair 2017 Day Three

I’ve escaped from New York’s Javits Convention Center, but not before snapping some final shots of the wonders on display at the 2017 New York Toy Fair. Check out new stuff from Mass Effect Andromeda, Borderlands 2, Overwatch, Kingdom Hearts and whatever else caught my eye.

Channeling Josephine Baker, DC Collectibles’ Vixen Bombshell statue is just about perfect.

Coming soon from McFarlane Toys, Handsome Jack is one of two planned Borderlands 2 figures, with more from the series on the way. The other? Tiny Tina, complete with role-playing accessories.

Also from McFarlane, the first figures from Mass Effect Andromeda, twins Scott . . .

. . . and Sarah Ryder.

I love the idea of Batman riding a little one-seater he can barely fit in.

My favourite character from Monster High, Toralei dons wings for the new magical forest sub-line. Not that I have a favourite character from Monster High. Shut up.

New pieces allow Mega Bloks to connect with Hot Wheels tracks, which is about the best use I can imagine for Mega Bloks.

Mattel’s new Enchantimals line features the extreme side of looking like your pet. I really dig the skunk girl.

Though the turtle girl, who comes with a bike because turtles, makes me laugh every time.

The K’nex folks love to set up elaborate displays that no child could ever hope to create on their own. These things spin. These things also need cord covers.

A dinosaur eating snakes, from that one company that makes all of the nature and science plushies.

As much as I love action figures, I also enjoy seeing simple ideas that are a lot of fun. These are Thumb Chucks, just a pair of light-up balls joined by a length of shoelace-like material. Just simple, inexpensive toy that folks can twiddle about their fingers. Zing Toys is going to sell millions of these.

From Carrera, makers of all things Mario and remote-controlled, this simple slot car track is the perfect thing to get kids used to staring at slot cars.

Shopkins brought a car to the show to demonstrate how the brand holds dominion over everything you can possibly shop for.

I did not manage to grab one at booth #5735. Man included for scale.

Speaking of giant food, Kid Robot’s Yummy World makes me really happy about eating.

Kid Robot has traditional Care Bears toys, but the artist reinterpretations of Care Bears are some of the coolest things I’ve seen.

Random Horde Warchief, courtesy of NECA.

Sometimes I like things that are pink. Other times I like things that are shiny. Whatever these are, I am in.

Speaking of pink and shiny, I need all of this D.Va Pop in my life.

I guess these folks can come too.

I saw a lot of cool Kingdom Hearts stuff I wasn’t allowed to photograph yet. These I could.

I don’t know how you feel about him, but I love Zorn.

It’s the most ridiculous show ever. I want to hug it.

And with that shit-eating grin, our daily Toy Fair 2017 galleries come to a close.