My Favourite Images From Toy Fair 2017 Day Two


On the second day of Toy Fair 2017 my schedule gave to me a whole lot more time to shoot lovely pictures, plus appointments with Hasbro, McFarlane Toys and Playmobile. This one has everything from Breath of the Wild Link to tiny Dark Souls board game pieces.

Toy classic Playmobile is finally getting big. Here are some of this year’s blind bag figures.

Blind bags are separated by boy and girl figs, which keeps the Steampunk guy from getting handsy.

Dark Souls game pieces from the upcoming board game, which I hear is tough but fair.

Cindy did not want to be photographed. This was my 10th attempt.

The Loyal Subjects are doing amazing things with Capcom licenses. Here’s Street Fighter.

And here is Mega Man. These are going to be so good.


Trypticon! He’s big, and surrounded by little robots that make him very hard to photograph.

Movie Megatron turns into something that looks like something!

The new Simon game, where the lights flash in front of your face. I have about 20 shots of this poor woman, trying to catch the visor lit up.

Here’s the part where I thought about missing my kids and teared up.

Thirty centimetre Deadpool comes with the first burrito accessory.

Thirty centimetre Hulk is 38cm tall, which seems unfair.

I am so worthy you guys.

The Star-Lord RP mask features Bluetooth speakers for blasting your tunes.

My buddy, Moon Knight.

Warlock without Cypher?

Adam Warlock’s alt-face is suitably creepy.

Poe Dameron helmet does not come with Poe Dameron. Sorry.

From the new animated series Hanazuki, which is freaking adorable.

This jacket would not fit me.

New My Little Pony sculpts are a bit more show accurate. The full-body diorama tattoos are not, but I love them.

My Little Mermaid Ponies? My Little Sea Horses? Curse the upcoming movie for unleashing these.

From the same line of statues from Cryptozoic as the Chun-Li up top, the DC Bombshell characters really work well in this format.

So planty she turns the whole background green.

Cryptozoic is really embracing wooden stuff. Here’s Harley Quinn from the new line of wooden stylised totem figures. One of my favourite Harleys ever.

OK, I am a little in love with this statue line.

More little wooden figures! The Cryptozoic rep at the booth told me these things are shaped, tumbled, painted a solid colour, applied with decals and then sealed.

One day we will escape the gravity of the Link bow pose.

This Marcus shot from Gears 4 just turned out too pretty to not post.

Along with South Park and Rick & Morty, McFarlane is making building sets for Steven Universe now. One day I am going to be Steven’s dad.

Gareth is the first fruit of McFarlane’s new Jim Henson deal. Bowie’s package is magnificently sculpted.

We end today’s gallery with a new classic, Commando Spawn, reborn later this year via the man that made him in the first place.


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