Nintendo Switch Game Cases Seem Like A Waste Of Plastic

Nintendo Switch Game Cases Seem Like A Waste Of Plastic

Previously, we saw the Nintendo Switch game cases. They’re about as big as PSP game cases, but Switch game cards are certainly not as big as PSP UMDs.

[Images: Twitter via Press Start]

As website Press Start points out, these images appear to have surfaced in Australia. (Note: The Twitter user that originally posted them, however, has deleted his or her account, so it’s unclear as to how this Super Bomberman R copy ended up online prior to launch.) 

I like game cases! So, it’s great to see Nintendo stick with them, and I do like the inner artwork. But for such a small game card, which we already knew about, this still seems rather excessive, no? 

Nintendo Switch Game Cases Seem Like A Waste Of Plastic(Image: Twitter via Press Start)

[Image: Twitter via Press Start]

Especially when you see what it actually looks like in the game case.


    • Definitely, most definitely this. Most PC games these days are merely 5gb ‘starter’ downloads with a bloody steamcode. Wtf is the point of it.

  • I guess with hard copies of games, their surface area contributes to their “presence”. It might even be subconscious felt by the customer that a bigger case feels like it’s worth more (like how various products are deliberately weighted).

    Nintendo has the added problem of differentiating between their switch and 3ds lines, whether that’s real or perceived is irrelevant.

    So they probably took an off the shelf packaging format that sat between the old console (wii u) and the old portable. I am surprised they didn’t add any speed holes though.

    I like the lining art.

  • Nintendo Switch Game Cases Seem Like A Waste Of Plastic

    Take out the words “Game Cases” and you’ve got it about right.

      • Not hate as such.

        I’m just a little sick of the hype for a console that will, at launch, have a held over WiiU game and very little else.

        And sadly people will buy it just for that game.

        Nintendo: Exploiting Zelda fans since 2006.

        • You do know the launch window games are intentional right?

          Do you really think Splatoon and Mario kart 8 is not ready?

          • Yup. I reckon they’ll be tweaked WiiU games too.

            But that’s fine. I’m old and jaded. I won’t be buying one (obviously).

            Enjoy yours 🙂

  • I just hate how empty game cases in general are now, got RE7 the other day and watching them put the disc in the case I thought ‘wait, shouldn’t there be paper, a book, a code, something???’

    Seems even worse when the games are just tiny cards in large cases…

  • Looks to me like there will be user manuals? So maybe the size of the case isn’t irrelevant.

      • Nah that’s just for the health and safety information that nobody needs 😛

        I do find it interesting that they moved them from the left side of the case to the right. Though at the same time, infuriating – clearly if they do intend to include manuals at all, they will be shorter. In which case they could have been kept on the left, and then shrunk the box height by about half.

  • Nintendonomics 101 right here.

    Historically the cost of new plastic declines far slower than the depreciation rate of finished software, so by selling a $10 game with $70 worth of plastic, they’re able to justify charging $75 for a game 6 years after launch and still claim a software depreciation rate of 50%.

    It’s brilliant!

  • And the cases will end up in a draw just like they do for my 3ds with the games being in a case.

  • A few reasons are shelf presence, large enough to be seen by people on the shelf/rack. That said gameboy cases are smaller, but Switch is suppose to be “bigger” than gameboy.

    Theft, cases bigger than a phone are harder to palm/pocket.

    However most stores use dummy boxes of security cases so a larger container for both of those seems mute!

    Japanese have a thing about product sizes associated with value when shopping, large price means big item, mostly due to living a compact and crowded lifestyle.

  • Also, another plus of these boxes – non of that stupid fucking eco-case bullshit with the flimsy-arse boxes full of holes.

  • Consider from a retail PoV. It is a lot easier to steal something the size of a fifty cent piece than a case the size of a novella.

  • I assume the cases are this size as to differentiate from the 3DS so ignorant parent’s don’t mistake them for the latter when buying games for little Timmy.

  • I think the size is just right. (A tiny bit smaller than a PSP case, for those playing at home)
    It would have been ridiculous to have a full-sized case like the Wii / WiiU, but you don’t want it to look small and insignificant.

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