Nintendo Turns The Switch Into A Crying Baby

The mini-games we've seen for 1-2-Switch haven't been that odd. (Well, save for that cow milking one.) Yesterday, however, Nintendo revealed more of its mini-games, and one of them sure is unusual.  

[GIF via Nintendo]

Nintendo does have a long, proud history of bizarre mini-games, like clearing the air after Wario farted or shooting bananas up a giant floating nose. 

Not all of the newly revealed 1-2-Switch's mini-games are odd. Most aren't! For example, here's a sword fighting one.

And a wizard mini-game.

This telephone mini-game seems fun.

Ditto for this soft drink one.

And the runway mini-game.

The shaving one is clever.

But... a crying baby game?


    As someone who usually adores Nintendo mini-games (I'm one of those few people that had ridiculous amounts of fun with NintendoLand) even I have to admit this game just looks stupid. I'll be very happy to be proven wrong.

    Oh hell no! my young bloke used be awake for 3 - 4 days straight when we first brought him home. Nope. Not even going to rewatch that promo. No way. Uh-uh. I'm not even sorry Nintendo.

    I see a baby shaker controversy brewing ;)

    Seems like they really missed an opportunity for a Dragonball Z Energy Clash/Beam Struggle with that wizard one.

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