No Man’s Sky Is Beautiful

No Man’s Sky Is Beautiful

Now that the dust has settled and uh… no-one really cares that much any more, is it okay to talk about how goddamn gorgeous No Man’s Sky was and is?

It’s funny, I loved No Man’s Sky from the second I started playing it, till the moment I moved on roughly 15 in-game hours later. It was legitimately one of my favourite games of 2016.

One of the reasons I loved it was the aesthetics. So today, on a whim, I decided to have a quick trawl around the web, to see if anyone had taken decent shots of the game.

And now my mind is blown.

Seriously, No Man’s Sky is — in my opinion — one of the most beautiful games ever made.

By ivXtreme, via Reddit

By Oblivionyx, via Reddit

By superpositionquantum, via Reddit

By ivXtreme, via Reddit

By ivXtreme, via Reddit

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  • I still play regularly…
    It’s my go-to plunk-on-the-couch-on-a-sunday-morning game where I can just chill, look at things, try and build my base up if I could be bothered and noodle around.
    And yes, truly beautiful. And the soundscape is pleasant as well, 65daysofstatic made some nice and chill music to accompany it all.

  • I’m kinda waiting to buy a better video card before I start playing it 🙂

    I currently have a GTX 970, but it doesn’t really cut the mustard for my 34″ 3440×1440 monitor at full details… and I’m allergic to non-ultra settings 😛

  • Now that the dust has settled and uh… no-one really cares that much any more

    Didn’t we find out a week ago the dust is stuck in the atmosphere and cares were abundant?

    It was a beautifu game though, no question.

  • It can look beautiful…. provided you are on the right planet and you’re not moving much so you don’t notice the horrible pop-in and blurriness

  • Still love this game, same boat as you I think Mark. It’s the epitome of wander and chill. I wish they had a mode to get rid of hud elements on PS4 though, I particular the baby bar at the top. I think I’d have 100s more screenshots that way xD

  • Seriously some of the planets are friggin ugly but when they have grass on them . . . man these guys know how to make some pretty AF grass. I wish they had added some cool aquatic life too the seas are pretty barren and boring

  • Uh …. they all start to look the same after a while. The premise hooked me (big fan of Starflight 2), the execution left a bad taste in my mouth 🙁

  • This game has been brilliant from the get go. Just, you know.. the hypetrain crashed at the station. Obviously some promises were made, but I never understood why THIS was the game, this was the straw that broke the camels back. Bungie can release Destiny and cut out half the content and sell it to us later for more money, Ubisoft can have fucked up shoddy mapping in Watch_Dogs, Gearbox can outsource a game Sega paid them to make (Aliens – Colonial Marines) and spend the money they were meant to spend on that on Borderlands 2 instead and give us.. a really crappy game in comparison to the trailer.. hell, Fable can promise us that every action you take changes the whole world around you and pretend their game isn’t linear with 2 choices at the end.. but no, No Man Sky, an amazing game made by a small indie developer known for Elastomania clones like Joe Danger 1 and 2 are suddenly held to every single thing they ever said. They didn’t have the huge budget but are held to higher standards with no patience. It was such cringe.

    In Hello Games defense, base building and freighters came several months later in a patch. You know, patches, that things AAA devs get away with constantly to fix their broken games that actually have millions upon millions in their budget? And more patches are to come, but from the perspective of someone who has realistic expectations of game and bought No Many Sky in the first week of release, the official site had stated even then that missing features would be available and implemented in future patches but people ignored it and screamed to high heaven.

    I just ignored whining and enjoyed playing the game because regardless of their expectations, the game was quite the achievement for gaming as a whole. I struggle to think of any other game where there is a generated universe when you can jump in your space ship, break through the atmosphere and fly across the system and land on another planet with no load screens.

    I believe in the future of this game and the last few patches have added quite a lot. I don’t regret my purchase for a second because it is pretty af and naming creatures, plants, planets and systems as I discover them is great fun. As time rolls on, they’ll likely patch in new plants and stuff too, making the generated worlds more diverse. I believe they have added more already.

    No Man Sky was so under rated and copped a bad rap because most of the people that bought it didn’t read any reviews, didn’t watch gameplay footage or even read up at all. They watched videos on what the developers wanted to make and assumed and sorry but no one MADE THEM spend money. If they’re dumb with their purchases it’s on them. If they take a gamble on a kickstarter, well that’s always a gamble no matter what you do.

    This was a kickstarter game and if you’re complaining and moaning in the first week of release and don’t even have a month or two of patience for a crowd funded game.. you probably shouldn’t pretend like you support anything.

    Hello Game’s true mistake was giving into demand and releasing it early to a bunch of people that expect a game as early as possible AND complete in every regard. I’d have rather of been patient and had base building from the get go myself but things happen and patches fix things later. Why Hello Games cop so much flak and big wallet having mofos like Square Enix can halfass release launches like FFXV and patch things in later is beyond me. Seems double standard af

    • But … but … they said we could see other players in the game! They lied!!

      (disclaimer: I really couldn’t give an eff about seeing other players)

    • Why do you care though? Its fantastic that you enjoy it. It’s also true that the game probably isnt as bad as it was made out to be. Having said that, I personally find it boring as shit, I dislike the art style, the “ending” was a copout. It was too easy to see repeats of stuff, and monsters had their standard animation pattern that they followed. There was little to no customisation of your ship or anything like that, and the lack of multiplayer was a disappointment (whether we should have expected it or not).

      However, if you enjoy it then great, go ahead and have fun! But a lot of people felt cheated because of how Hello Games went about their marketing, and I can see why that was based on my experience with the game, even though the vitriol was over the top. I think No Man’s Sky also gave visibility of the fact that pretty much all games are patched prior to release, and the discs dont contain the finished game, due to its release. Everyone probably should have understood this before, but didnt for whatever reason, and it brought to light a lot of the processes devs use at release.

      Also, you cant really compare it to FFXV, since that was a 10 year development cycle, and also had 2 demos that were released, so everyone knew what they were getting prior to release. I think if No Man’s Sky had provided a playable demo, that might have made the release a bit easier.

      • Probs the same reason you care enough to reply. I care mainly because I had to see 6 months of people whining like its the first time a developer hasn’t perfectly delivered. This was a small indie dev and they didn’t deserve as much flak as they copped plain and simple. If people didn’t ike it, they shouldn’t have sunk $60+ on it without at least watching a gameplay video or reading a review.

        And actually it is fair to compare it to FFXV since they had a decade to make sure their game was finished and launched it fairly incomplete. One of the demos was some random stuff of Noctis as a child with toy weapons that wasn’t even in the final game and the other had a section of the game that was better in the demo then it was in the actual game.

        Regardless, the point is their game wasn’t 100% complete and they very clearly phoned in the ending which later lead to them patching. The difference is that unlike Hello Games, They have a sizable budget, make wild claims and aren’t held to theme as strongly. I remember when Square said Lightning Returns would be like Dark Souls. Lol, nope!

        Either way, I guarantee you that 50%+ of the people that whined about No Man Sky never bought it or even played it. It just became the popular thing to crap on.

    • To be fair, nearly all those games suffered backlash and anger and in most cases, are defined by those negatives as NMS now is.

      The infamous content gutting in Destiny is just that, infamous.
      Ubisofts reputation is in the toilet with the Watch Dogs debacle near the top, the Colonial Marines fallout is literally ALL the game is remembered for and Sean Murray is being called the New Peter Molynuex BECAUSE of Fable….

      Your knowledge of their famous transgressions and the claim they were treated differently is a tad weird

      Clearly nobody is being treated differently, developers trade their reputations as any other.
      Some do it over time, some go all out at the start, Hello Games is just the latter.

      • How is it weird? As outraged as people were in all of those instances, no one was as rage filled, frothing at the mouth like those outraged over No Man Sky. No Man Sky might as well have had a boycott.

        By no means am I saying that false advertisement or patching things in later should be okay. Frankly i’m sick of games being released broken and incomplete. My point is that major AAA developers get a fair bit more slack when they have more staff, budget and advertisement.

        They should be held to the same standard but no one gets near as peeved over those games. It dies down after a few weeks and in bad cases a month or two. There are still people out there whining about NMS even now. It was overkill

        • I watched many from the same position I watched NMS, there is no unfair difference, only measured reactions equal to the actions by each. (Excluding the numpties who ruin it for everyone)

          I have only seen two instances of insane rage relating to the game and both were related to me by the recipients.
          Disgusting behaviour, no question, a sad reminder that even an idiot can use a computer.

          But what I saw directly from people was legitimate frustrations met with a developer who went full radio dark and a stigma that NMS was under some kind of hate attack.
          I saw mass refunds that made the retailers sit up and try to stop.
          I myself was able to return the game a month after the refund policy because I could prove without question that I was misled (No, not even the MP thing)

          We all hate industry bullshot, but let’s be honest that if you want to compare, Hello Games went too far, too fast.
          When most back away and become more coy and vague, HG doubled down.
          When most begin dodging questions and teasing, HG was flat out confirming everything being asked.

          Yes, those who got swept away have some blame to bare, the warning signs were kind of obvious.
          But once you deal with that, the event still remains.

          Games still young, first update right?
          Well until some substantial time passes, the game is still going to attract the frustration, not hate, that it created.

          • From the first week of lauch there was a PSA on the official website detailing what was yet to be implimented. When you launch a title early, some things aren’t going to make the cut and people were already whining in abundance over the delays. The choice of no more delays was made by Hello Gamed and THAT was the mistake.

            But to say the majority of the backlash NMS got was legitimate and fair? No, I disagree. You’d have to be blind to miss all those pitchforks. Pickforks on fire held by crazy people. Kotakus own articles from that time are evidence enough of salt content in those people.

            It was a kickstarter game based in universal exploration. If you couldn’t wait more then a month then i’m sorry but you’re impatient =/ Crowd funded games usually take more time then a project from a AAA dev as they’re far less funded and staffed. That much is obvious and should have been obvious to more people.

            Also no, there have been 3 updates. The last one added freighters and base building as part of the ‘Foundation Patch’ which is essentislly the beginning of everything they wish to add (Was also mentioned on their website since launch week. Not very silent of them) Next patch brings land vehicles, weapon upgrades, etc

            If the game is not for you, thats fine. You shouldn’t have bought a game centered on space exploration or if you were making that gamble on a Kickstarter game from a small indie developer, wait a day or two after launch, read a review or two and watch some game footage. Make an informed choice. Regardless, Hello Games have stated on their official site and twitter what they intend to do since week 1 in relation to future updates and patches so im not sure how that qualifies as “radio dark”

            Its more like people took the launch trailer, what the creator said about it, took it extremely literally and made a bunch of assumptions. Mainly that 100% of all features in the trailer and what was talked about would be available even though the game was launched incomplete to avoid further delays. The hype train always works like that so its usually better to lower ones expectations to allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

            For even what it was back then, NMS was an industry first and a great game. Maybe missing a few features that people found intregal for whatever reason. But now with a base built by yourself you can make a home planet/system and warp to it from any space station, you can buy freighters to stash ridiculous amounts of elements. It already feels like a new game. I imagine land vehicles and more upgrades will again make it feel like a more rewarding experience.

            And for those that didn’t like it, that refunded it or whatever.. Move on to the next game and stop obsessively hating on a crowd funded game from a tiny indie studio with a tiny amount of staff released half a year ago and expecting the same amount of customer service and developing capability as a fully staffed, rich af AAA developer because THAT is the catalyst in all of this mess. Expectations. Specifically, too high expectations.

  • I actually dont like the visual style of the game. It’s not really my thing to be honest. Therefore, coupled with all the other issues surrounding the game means I really dont care for it.

    Also, Mark, I’m glad you like it, but is it really necessary to try and convince everyone else that its somehow good? Some of us have very good reason why we dont like it.

    • I don’t believe Shade is trying to convince everyone it’s good. I think he’s just trying to call out the fact that Sean Murray and the small dev team over at Hello Games were singled out for a couple of claims that were made for the game that weren’t fully realized on first release when a the AAA devs can basically get away with murder and hardly anybody bats an eye.

      People were ready to string Sean Murray up by neck with pitchforks and torches for things that a AAA dev just get a slap on the wrist for.

      As for me personally, I’m about half and half on the game. I play it every once in a while when I’m in the mood to, but after a while of playing it it gets quickly boring and I move on to something else for a while. It’s it a GD beautiful game tho. I’ve got some screenshots that would knock your socks off if you’re into that sort of thing. (The screenshots, not getting your socks knocked off, although either would suffice 😛 )

      All in all I agree with both arguments. But I do think if we’re going to hold small Indie devs with low budgets accountable for missing or broken content, then we should hold the high budget AAA devs to the same standard.

      There’s my 2 cents, feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

      • I was talking about Mark Serrels, not shade. He’s now posted 2 articles on this website basically asking us “now that we’ve had 6 months with the game, can you please acknowledge this and or this?” No Mark, I dont acknowledge it because dont like the game, I dont agree that it’s unique, and I dont agree that it’s beautiful. Maybe it’s just how he comes across in the articles, but it’s relatively jarring to me, especially when I find Mark’s usually pretty good on content.

        I probably agree with that argument to an extent. AAA companies should be held more accountable for bad games, no doubt. I’m not sure they get away with murder though. Remember Sim City? EA and Maxis got smashed back down to earth because of that travesty. I just feel like Hello Games set themselves up a bit for it in how they went about it. Yes they didnt deserve the level of backlash, but they definitely deserved some.

        I’m sure a lot of people think the game is beautiful. I personally dont, because I really dont like the art style in the game, especially the colour tonage.

      • Well. People might compare NMS to AAA titles because it was sold for full price? It’s a double edged sword you see. You don’t get to sell your game which is based on basically one great concept (like most indie titles that are sold for half price 🙂 ) for 60$ then when people start to compare your studio to big studios you hide behind the fact that you were on low budget and it’s kickstarter :). That’s a big no-no for me Sean.

        • – Star Wars Battlefront only had multiplayer and later added the single player as a paid expansion after the full AAA price of the game.

          – Destiny cut out half the game and sold it to consumers as two $20-25 expansions and then the first actual expansion sold at full game price and not included in the season pass.

          AAA devs screw people over for money constantly and get away with it. No Many Sky was missing a few features some of which have since been implimented.

          Its double standards to be so salty at Hello Games when vastly bigger studios with bigger budgets get s free pass.

      • But we do treat AAA developers the same.
        Why are we pretending we haven’t been here before, playing one of the parts.

        We all know why NMS is where it is, love it or hate it.

        • No ‘we’ don’t.

          – Halos MCC multiplayer was broken beyond playability a year later. Good reviews, plenty still play it anyway.

          – Destiny gutted half the game, sold it in two future $20-25 expansions, then made the first REAL expansion almost the price of the game at launch and not included in the ‘Season Pass’. Complain and the majority of players will rush to defend Bungie.

          – Square Enix made 3 Final Fantasy 13 games and is quoted as saying”Lightning Returns will be like Dark Souls” and they delayed Final Fantasy 15 for a decade and tge released it in a fairly broken state with a full open world game for the first half of the chapters and then phoned it in for the last half of the chapters, several of which being warps between train stations taking 15 minutes. Complain and prepare for the wrath of apologist fanboys.

          – Star Wars Battlefront didn’t even have a single player campaign. Probs don’t challenge Star Wars nerds on anything if you want a rational conversation

          – Aliens: Coloniel Marines had a teaser trailer that barely even resembled the first product. Sega paid Gearbox to make it. Gearbox took that money and made Borderlands 2 and gave what was left to 3D Realms to make the game they were paid to make. Sega got sued. Gearbox made millions from Borderlands 2. The blame shifting is phenominal.

          There is next to no accountability here. Some people may have piped up about these injustices when they happened only to be drowned out by those enjoying the games anyway. Hell, most of these games got decent reviews and some people love these games so much anyeay they’ll defend them from negative critique tooth snd nail to the death.

          NMS got unanimously downvoted by the vast majority of people. It was just far too much. Even if people should have been like “Hey, where is this feature” all the pitchforks don’t help and now it will forever be unfairly remembered despite it actually being a pretty good game. People were tearing it apart before then end of launch week. It just became popular to tear into it evidenced by people still whining about it now.

          Thats like people still complaining about Duke Nukem Forever now.. People need to get over it. Hello Games is a small indie developer with big dreams that actually made something pretty amazing. All these other devs are AAA developers wuth extensive staff and huge budgets that just screwed eachother or the consumer over or just plain halfassed it. They are certainly not held to the same standards.

          I’d like multiplayer and to see people in NMS too but the box does say ‘Single Player’ and tge game is clearly a mainly single player experience. Most everything else has been said to be coming in future updates since week 1. We already have freighters so they’re at least staying true to their word in terms of updates.

          • We do man, you can muddy it up with hyperbole all you like.

            Hello Games made their own bed and now they lie in it.
            You can pretend all you like, about the practices and elevated hate from defenders, but NMS is what it is and will always be so.

          • Hyperbole? Those are known examples of AAA devs pulling BS and getting away with it. You standing by double stardards doesn’t make it right dude. Nor does you justifying a witch hunt.

          • Yes, hyperbole.

            You accuse me of double standards, while demanding we treat NMS with the same double standards, because some other people have done it in the past.
            Dishonest and ridiculous.

            This is because you like the game and can’t handle that consumers felt cheated and reacted.
            So you blame faceless and nonexistent groups for the failure, construct an enemy from the actions of a few idiots to justify your dismissal of the majority.

            We don’t need to accept you like the game, you need to accept that most don’t and won’t forget anytime soon.
            If you can’t move past that, it’s your problem.

          • Thats some pretty solid projection there and not what i’m saying at all. What i’m saying is releasing a broken or unfinished game shouldn’t be okay for ANY developer and the community lynching of Hello Games while development studios like Bungie, Ubisoft, etc get away with it scott free was unfair treatment.

            I straight up don’t think the missing components from NMS were worth the outrage. It was a crowdfunded game and they announced that features would be missing in advance to release so there were no delays. People should stay up to date with things they want to drop money on and there is accountability in the buyer. No one forced them to spend money. If you didn’t like it, fine, get a refund but don’t complain and boycott a small indie studio for 6 months like a psycho.

            Especially when companies like Bungie promise the world with Destiny, got half the content, sell it full price, sell the gutted content as DLC and then sell the first real DLC (TTK) for the price of the game at launch.

            Developers should be accountable, yes. But ALL developers. And keep feedback within reason. Death threats in total ignorance of PSAs, pre-release patch notes and buying in total ignorance is BS.

            I wouldn’t drop $60-100 on something unless I was sure i’d like it
            Be responsible ffs

          • Closed thread as usual.

            I’m not projecting, you’re literally listing known examples where developers received backlash and the reasons they received it.
            Then your saying they got off without a hitch.

            How else can you take that, especially when many of us watched those examples take place?
            When this site has reported on them and people still talk about them?
            Ubisofts reputation is in the toilet and facing a hostile takeover due to a string of financial failures, how is that scott free?
            Bungie will need to deliver Destiny 2 or face risking even more reputation.

            You can talk about unfair treatment but as I’ve said over and over, you lie in the bed you make, that’s the way the world works in these situations.
            I don’t see everyone boycotting HG just as I don’t see HG talking about it or trying to win anyone over to come back.

            Anyway, enjoy the game

            (When was NMS crowd funded? Are you thinking of Star Citizen or did HG open one recently?)

  • God dammit. Why don’t mine look like that?! Mine were all boring, barren chunks of identical-but-for-palette-swapping bullshit.

    The resource-grind and learning languages kept me going for a while, but there’s only so long you can ‘explore’ a galaxy of identical crap before ‘exploration’ becomes utterly pointless.

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