Not All Switch Games Will Support TV Mode

Not All Switch Games Will Support TV Mode

Not all Nintendo Switch games are going to take advantage of the console’s dual TV/portable nature. Released last year for iOS and Android, rhythm game Voez is now a Japanese Switch launch title, and it requires a touch screen to play. Does this mean we’re in for a flood of tablet ports?

The latest game from mobile developer Rayark, Voez is a lane-based rhythm game where the tracks are dynamic, shifting and changing as songs play. It’s a very neat game with some lovely visuals.

I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit on my iPad, and today it was announced as a Japanese launch title for the Switch (via NeoGAF). But how does a touch-intensive game work in TV mode? According to the FAQ accompanying the announcement, it does not.

Q: Can I play even in TV mode?

A: No. This software can not play in TV mode.

Touch the touch screen in mobile mode to play the game.

Button operation is not available.

(Translated via Google) 

I don’t know about you folks, but I was not expecting the Switch to get games that were portable only. It makes sense. The Switch is at its most basic level an Android tablet with a dock that gives it an HDMI out to your television. It’s running a version of Nvidia’s most recent SoC (system on a chip), the Tegra X1, which powers several Android tablet devices. Anything that runs on one of those should be able to run on the Switch.

Now that we know there will be portable, touch screen-only Switch games, who knows what other mobile games will be making the jump?

Voez will be available in the Japanese Switch eShop on March 3.

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