Now Even Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Is Getting DLC And A Season Pass

You know times are strange when even Zelda games are getting season passes, and here we are. Nintendo announced today that Breath of the Wild will get two pieces of downloadable content throughout 2017, and to buy them both, you'll need to get the Zelda expansion pass.

This expansion pass will be $US20 ($26) and come with two DLC packs. One will add a hard mode and a Cave of Trials (like Twilight Princess) while the other will add "a new dungeon and a new original story". The whole package will also let Link wear a shirt with a Switch logo on it, for some reason. And you can't purchase any of these packs individually, Nintendo says. It's either $US20 ($26) or nothing. Australian pricing has yet to be announced.

Here's Nintendo:

Starting when the game launches on March 3, players will be able to purchase an Expansion Pass for $US19.99 ($26), granting access to two new sets of downloadable content for the game when they become available later this year. Immediately upon pre-purchase or purchase of the Expansion Pass, three new treasure chests will appear in the game's Great Plateau area. One of these treasure chests will contain a shirt with a Nintendo Switch logo that Link can wear during his adventure, exclusive to the Expansion Pass.

The other two will deliver useful items. The first content pack is scheduled to launch this summer, and will include the addition of a Cave of Trials challenge, a new hard mode and a new feature for the in-game map. The second content pack will launch in Holiday 2017, and adds new challenges that will let players enjoy a new dungeon and a new original story. The Expansion Pass will be available for both the Nintendo Switch and Wii U versions of the game and are identical. Content packs cannot be purchased individually.

Did you ever think this day would come? That second content pack could be great, but Nintendo charging for a hard mode and Cave of Trials? And not letting you buy the new dungeon/story separately? Yikes.

Here's series producer Eiji Aonuma talking about the season pass, which will go on sale when Breath of the Wild comes out on March 3:


    So I guess we can't even have one finished game on release anymore. I understand their idea, but, I'm out.

    I'll wait for the game of the year edition.

      Don't hold your breath (heh) for a GOTY edition. Nintendo haven't done that for their other games with DLC: To get New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U, we waited for 2 years for it to be part of a bundle, and 4 years for the retail release. Or to get Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, we waited 3 years and for a new system. Nothing like that happened at all for Hyrule Warriors.

        While I agree with you, they also have never done a Zelda season pass before. Anything's possible in this brave new world.

      Yeah, it is finished. Already gone gold. They have decided to make more.

    I'm fine with DLC. It made games like Fantasy Life, Monster Hunter, and Fire Emblem more entertaining.

    However, the worst kind of DLC is day one DLC, so maybe it's just the way they announced it that's making me roll my eyes?

    If the DLC was "free" in the sense that you trade in some My Nintendo points, then that'd be fine. Better than asking me for more money when I don't even have the original game.

    I'm disgusted by this - day 1 DLC? not on your life will I be purchasing. The first part of the DLC is absolutely nothing of value and the second *might* be interesting for the additional story element - but not for $26.
    They already stitched me up for getting the limited edition and then taking out the sheikah cover.
    I love Zelda, hence why I'm still getting the lim ed. but this is nothing but a blatant cash grab.

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      There isn't really any day 1 DLC. You get like 3 treasure chests and a shirt straight away as a bonus. The other stuff comes in 2 waves later in the year.

        Yeah I'm having this discussion with a mate at the moment, I understand the distribution method - I simply don't agree on DLC on principle. I'll keep my powder dry until more details emerge of what the DLC contains. But i'll remain sceptical.

        Isn't that worse? Pre-buying items you can obtain in game and pre-ordering a DLC of all things, that isn't due for months.

          Well you don't have to buy it now, you can wait. There is a little sweetener if you do. Looks almost exactly the same as how Mario Kart did it and everyone loved that.

      Probably due to my childlike enthusiasm, I remember reading the HYPER review for Ocarina of Time some 20-odd years ago.

      One of the parts that stuck with me was the reviewer describing out the beautiful title reel of Link riding Epona across Hyrule field, with that faint music playing in the background over the sound of Epona’s hooves.

      The reviewer pointed out that in a day and age where every game started with a blaring, obnoxious title screen accompanied by the loudest, most attention seeking music available, there was a quiet, understated dignity to Zelda.



        Oh man I miss the days of Hyper mags...
        But I understand your point @foggy - a sign of the times maybe?

          Oh certainly.

          As I said below though, if Nintendo expect people to buy their comparatively overpriced, underpowered hardware for a very small number of AAA 1st party exclusives then they need to hold themselves to a higher standard than your run-of-the-mill 3rd party developer.

          This is pretty ordinary behaviour. I get that it’s business, but it makes me question why anyone would buy a Nintendo machine when they can get the same shabby treatment with more variety, on better hardware at a better price elsewhere.

          Would it have been that costly to make a clear statement that they were better than this and offer it all up for free, particularly with the ONE title that the life of their console hinges on? I’d imagine we’d all be on here singing their praises if they’d announced free updates over the next six months, particularly as the Switch will doubtlessly suffer from a shortage of content over the first year (or always).

          It seems like bad business to me.

            I get that it’s business, but it makes me question why anyone would buy a Nintendo machine when they can get the same shabby treatment with more variety, on better hardware at a better price elsewhere.Because that "variety" doesn't really cater to their tastes, probably. I don't really have much interest in what goes on on the other two platforms, there's not enough on either of them to really justify the outlay for the machine. If Nintendo continues to get shittier and shittier then I'm more likely to just give up on current games altogether and focus on working through my backlog and filling out my retro libraries instead.

              This is pretty much me, except I own an Xbox One with a ton of games. But despite trying my hardest, I've not been able to get into anything. Not The Witcher 3, Not DOOM, not anything. The closest to obsessed I've been with anything on the Xbox One has been with Diablo III (which I already own on PC/360) Forza Horizon 2, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (again, a game I own on Wii U/PC/360) and backward-compatible games. I've played my Wii U more than anything when it comes to this gen stuffs.

              I'm excited for the Switch, mostly because it's my last hope when it comes to console/handheld gaming. I was disappointed in the 3DS library in regards to genres I dig (especially when compared to the DS) and ergonomics. Conversely, I really loved the Wii U library. So I'm pretty eager to see how the Switch pans out. If this is where Nintendo flourishes, then great - I'll still be on-board the modern gaming train for a while. If not, then yeah, I'll just keep adding to my retro libraries.

              I've played way more 'new' (to me) games on my Saturn, Dreamcast, PS1/PS2 and OG Xbox in the past 3 or 4 years than almost anything current. If I'm hooked on something current, then it's almost certainly something indie and throwback like BallisticNG.

              A little more on-topic though...

              A Season Pass for BotW is not something I like to see, per se, but I can understand Nintendo giving it a go on what will possibly be their biggest game in a long while. I really enjoyed the DLC for Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors though, and that's as somebody who rarely buys DLC for anything. Both we're essentially Season Passes, without really being called that anyways, and they were received rather well I thought.

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                I'm the same, I managed to win a 360 at some point so started scooping up a whole bunch of cheap games I was vaguely interested in. Loved a few of them like Banjo-Kazooie, Bayonetta, Brutal Legend and Wet, but not so much that I felt the console would've been worth buying. Still got a whole bunch unplayed, but still don't really feel it. Wii U's been fantastic, totally solid library that just didn't get large enough.

                I'm not overly keen on the Switch at the moment though. I'll get one at some stage but right now there's no real reason to get one at launch unless I really want to get in on the Splatoon 2 testfire. So I'll maybe see if there's any available when I go to pick up Zelda (for Wii U :P) and if so I'll get Bomberman with it, but otherwise meh. I'm still tossing up whether I'll even get Splatoon 2 - looking through my Wii U and 3DS libraries, there were only three titles on each that I played online, and of those six only three of them were for any substantial amount of time at all. So the online subscription is basically going to be just a Splatoon tax, and I don't know if I want to pay $25-40 a year just to play one game online every now and then. Especially since the original game will still work, for free.

                  Perfectly understandable :)

                  As for me, well, the Switch comes out ON MY BIRTHDAY, so I felt more obligated than usual to pick it up, haha. Besides, I haven't picked up a console on launch day since the Dreamcast, so I figured what the hell :P

                  BotW and Bomberman are more than enough to tide me over until more games come out. And I think there'll be a nice little selection of downloadable e-shop games trickling through launch window, so there's that too I guess. And in regards to Splatoon, I really tried to get into it, but I guess I'm really not an online MP kinda person. More than willing to give it another crack on the Switch though, especially if the single-player component is improved. The news of RedOut and the FAST Racing Neo quasi-sequel helped solidify the purchase for me somewhat too. I'll support any cool arcade racer I can get my hands on, in the hopes that more turn up somewhere down the line.

                  But I agree, the Wii U library was awesome, just not large enough. I'm also one of those weird ones who thought Devil's Third was really enjoyable. It's a shame it tanked, I'd have loved to have seen a follow up.

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                  @akumajobelmont Ha, it's slightly after my own birthday. So at least maybe I'll have some extra funds available for it :P Conversely, I haven't not picked up a new Nintendo on launch since I started getting them. I almost passed on the 3DS because it was just too expensive and had way too lacklustre a launch lineup (lol?), but then Dick Smith popped up with that limited-slot preorder deal that was pretty good value so I caved. So the Switch very well could be the combo-breaker.

                  I'd forgotten about Fast RMX actually. Never got around to playing much of Neo other than a brief go on the show floor at PAX, though it felt kind of odd. Just give us a new F-Zero Nintendo ffs.

                  Also, obligatory high-five for Devil's Third fan club. Wish I'd gotten around to trying the multiplayer before it went down.

                  @mrtaco FAST Racing Neo was ok - I would have loved it waaaay more without that damned polarity switching rubbish. I am looking forward to RMX though, mostly for the improved visuals - the interlacing in the Wii U version was a big turn-off for me. I'm also hoping the difficulty gets a bit of a tweak, because it can get just plain unfair, not WipEout/F-Zero hard, where it's tough but fair.

                  If you end up getting a Switch, I'll have to add you to my friends list. I really want to play multi-player, but I can never find the motivation to do it. Some Bomberman would be cool online, for sure :)

    And so it begins... If it sells well (it's Zelda and Nintendo, it'll sell extremely well) prepare to see the expansion pass introduced into more first party games.

    More Zelda? I'll pay anything

    First Zelda in 11 years without motion controls...... so much hype

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    I like DLC when it releases several months after the main game, and is some sort of extra chapter or epilogue. But a same day release as the main game, with half of it simply consisting of a hard mode...that's pretty damn gluttonous. I thought Nintendo would have more dignity than that.

      But it's not coming out day 1. It specifically says Summer 2017 and Holidays 2017.

      If it helps, when it's piddly stuff like a 'hard mode' or variations on existing content, what this usually means is that they had to submit their final 'release' build by a certain date to make it for release, and the final tweaks/patches weren't ready by that point. But rather than fire all the developers when the game is 'done', they just keep on working after they submit the final release, and in the months that this takes, they'll finally have a patch/bit of DLC ready for combined release with the full game.

      It's really about giving devs something to do to tick their 'nice to have' boxes that would otherwise not have made the final cut. There's certainly an argument for this to be included in the base price and released as free patches, but that all comes down to how long you expect a dev team to work on a 'finished' game that meets their marketing obligations.

      Things have to be let slide for the sake of a release date. 'Good enough' is good enough. You can argue that everything released as DLC later should've been included in the official release at no extra cost, and you straight-up don't release until you're 'done', but that's how you get Duke Nukem Forever and Daikatana.

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    So glad I cancelled my Switch preorder.

    Day 1 DLC.
    Hard mode behind a paywall.
    Unable to buy the packs separately.
    Cutting off content and selling it as DLC.
    Shallow DLC content.
    Adding "free" bonuses like the Switch shirt.
    A fucking Switch shirt? Really?
    The fact that the DLC isn't even out yet? ("granting access to two new sets of downloadable content for the game when they become available later this year.")

    So, for the over-priced console and the most pandering Zelda yet, you can now pre-order a day 1 DLC season pass that you can't purchase packs separately that isn't out yet.

    Good fucking job, Nintendo, you've gone from a funny joke to a sad one.
    But I suppose die-hards will buy anything, so get used to seeing shit like this because Nintendo-heads will suck up anything as long as it's got the plumber on it.

      Yeah, Nintendo has reached Ubisoft / Square Enix levels of DLC shenanigans. It's enough to turn you off buying the game altogether.

      If you want to bump up the price of a game, just do a collector's edition like any civilized person would. At least that contains tat that you can finger.

        I'm really starting to worry what games will be like in a decade.

      *Edit, sorry this wasn't a reply directly to you, it was supposed to be a new thread. I'm not going after you directly.

      I feel like there's an extreme overreaction happening here. This is content they are working on post-release. The adding of a hard mode (that isn't a standard in Zelda, from memory) and challenge tower (which is more of a staple, but I like this, as it means they aren't going to wall away an item behind an area that I dislike), and that's less exciting part of the pack. The other pack, adding in a whole new story, sounds exciting

      This isn't exactly new either, I thought Mario Kart's DLC was good value for money, Smash Bros i can't comment on, because I'm not into that game enough to drop cash on an expansion, but I haven't heard enormous complaints. So I'm willing to give them a chance on this one.

      Even Zelda Twilight Princess ALREADY HAS THIS, from the Nintendo website:

      Tap the Wolf Link amiibo™ figure to your GamePad to unlock the Cave of Shadows—a brand-new set of challenges you’ll take on as Wolf Link

      Tap the Ganondorf amiibo™ figure to take 2x the normal amount of damage; stack it on top of Hero Mode for a ruthless 4x normal damage!

      There's your challenge tower and Hardmode, the only difference is your DLC is in a plastic figurine instead of a code.

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        a hard mode (that isn't a standard in Zelda, from memory)It has been in the last few games, not sure when exactly since I don't really play through it myself but "hero mode" has been a thing for a good while now.

        And fwiw I also have disliked the locking of content away behind amiibo too :P

          Upon reflection, the quote that I pulled from the Nintendo website actually mentions hero mode specifically, so chalk that one up as me just being sieve-brained.

          Putting content on Amiibos is the worst, as someone who doesn't collect things, because it becomes DLC that I have to find storage for.

      I can understand people being upset, but this is a bit rich... complaining about "Day 1 DLC" and "the DLC isn't even out yet" in the same post... Make up your mind.

      Getting some random chests/crappy shirt isn't "Day 1 DLC". The DLC is gonna be out over the course of the year like every other season pass and DLC other companies do.

      Now the contents of the DLC is another matter... that cave of trials and new dungeon better be the best thing ever to justify this. Nintendo did a fantastic job with value for the MK8 DLC, so this feels like a bit of a kick in the teeth.

    This should all be included in the game, not separate DLC and there definitely shouldn't be any additional cost. As a life-long Nintendo fan, I really don't like where this is heading.

      Then you'd complain about it not coming out with the Switch launch and you have nothing to play.

    Was gonna get this game just for collection sake (I don't know when or if I'll get a Switch given how botched it has become) but now I'll wait for a GotY edition, if one ever eventuates.

      So the presence of DLC is turning you off from buying a game you were unlikely to play any way? Right.

        Even if I intended to get a Switch first, this DLC busy has put me off anyway.

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        It's turned me off getting games that I was going to play. "I'll just wait for the complete edition" is a standard line of operation. I mean there's a shit-tonne of stuff on my shelf waiting to be played, why rush in now?

    The size of Breath of the Wild is a complete game - this expansion is only 26$ that is just extra content that doesn't need to be played, though compared to Watch_Dogs 2 which is 76$... and that's mainly aesthetics, and a few solo missions and with a few co-op additions.
    Mainly AAA games come incomplete with DLC needed to be bought to have the full experience, but for 26$ I'm not really complaining, that is a fair price for an expansion these days

      For an "expansion", for purposeful and well-meaning extra content that adds to the game, not an extra dungeon, a small story and a hard mode, a pissing fucking difficulty is now DLC. That's not "expanding", that's selectively finding the minor parts of your game and selling it off for extra dosh.

      The reason we pay for DLC is because it's extra stuff, we pay extra money to buy DLC because it theoretically took extra money to make, how does a difficulty factor into that? Hundreds and thousands, literally, have difficulty modes when the game launches, not just hard, but easy, easier, harder, hardest.

      And the dungeon? Ok, so it's a little extra content, but for 26 bucks? Look at that intelligently, Breath of the Wild is currently $90 on EBgames. So, for almost a third of the price for the entire game you're getting an in-game shirt, a hard mode and a single dungeon.

      That, my friend, is fucking insane.

        or you know you can just not buy the dlc if you don't really want it and enjoy the game as is, maybe that will help with some of that aggression. Ha what am I saying everyone is angry on the internet these days.

      Saying that Nintendo isn't as bad as Ubisoft is not really painting it in a good light.

      I mean, come on, hiding hard mode behind a pay wall? That should be in the game from the start.

      Challenge mode? That should be in from the start.

      A new dungeon? Maybe worth paying for depending, but for all we know it was cut from the original game.

      US$20, when stuff like Mass Effect 3 Citadel had for US$15
      8 Temporary Squadmates
      17 Missions
      5 Locations
      6 Enemies
      1 Assault Rifle
      1 Heavy Pistol
      3 Armor Sets
      7 Weapon Mods
      2 War Assets
      9 Achievements

      This was about 5 hours of content.

      If you want to get extreme. The Witcher 3's expansion pass was only $5 more than Nintendo's current effort, and included a massive 42 hours of content.

      So yeah, Nintendo can fuck off with its piss-poor effort.

        @nicktofficial you both make really valid points about it - its a cop-out to have a difficulty option on an expansion pack.

        granted some games offer something worth paying for - and i agree with both comments, something that seems bare minimum on gameplay mechs and a difficulty what is the point of having an expansion when they could be added in as an update to the game.

        Thank you both for your views i really do appreciate it, makes me see things from a different view, and understand where other gamers come from

        Mass Effect 3 Citadel had for US$15
        8 Temporary Squadmates
        17 Missions
        5 Locations
        6 Enemies
        1 Assault Rifle
        1 Heavy Pistol
        3 Armor Sets
        7 Weapon Mods
        2 War Assets
        9 Achievements

        Yeah, but for all we know it was cut from the original game.

          LOL, yeah it was released one year after the launch of ME3. I don't think so...

          But in any case, unless this 'dungeon' in Zelda BOTW is the greatest dungeon known to man in the history of video games, Citadel shits all over it in terms of price and content.

            I was just pointing out the "for all we know it was cut from the original game." thing. That is an absolutely terrible argument. The Queen is actually some type of reptilian space creature, for all we know.

              I understand, but stuff is cut from games in development all the time. Take Deus Ex Human Revolution for example. A whole hub area that was fairly far along in development was cut entirely. It wasn't later released but it could have been. Destiny had a lot of assets from several DLC-locked areas on the launch disk itself. The Zelda 'dungeon' could be 100% original content developed after the game was content complete, or it could be 90% content that was cut during development, stitched together and polished into DLC. My point is, we just don't know because we are being asked to buy a season pass on the strength of this vague description.

    Its a sad day when Nintendo loses a fan. Its been fun, but I will not continue to support them.

    Switch Pre Order cancelled.

      It's the only way these companies will learn.

      They are not in this business to be nice to consumers. They are in it to screw consumers as much as they can get away with.

      What the actual fuck? Cancelling a pre order because a game has DLC? How fucking petty can you get. Nintendo has had DLC since the Wii U. There is nothing wrong with DLC. It gives you more game to play.

        Well its my money, so really I can do anything I want with it. I don't purchase any DLC, the only DLC I have ever purchased has been map packs for Halo 3, or games that came with season passes.

        I am not paying for a new hard mode.

          But you don't need to buy the DLC. Why would a game having DLC affect whether or not you purchase a system?

            Every other game comes with a hard mode free of charge, why should I have to pay for this one? What makes this one different?

      Wow, so no Switch, no PS, no Xbox and no PC?

      I would hate to be you right now....

    The limited edition should really have come with the season pass included given how expensive it was. If they are going to include DLC a bit outside the norm with Link wearing a switch shirt, they should take it to the next level, e.g. drop a playable mario into the world or free roaming mario kart. That would be DLC I'd be all over.

    Nintendo, if you’re going to expect people to buy expensive hardware for nothing more than a small handful of 1st party exclusives, then you need to maintain higher standards than your competitors who are offering better hardware and AAA 3rd party software.

    The standard of Nintendo 1st party titles has unquestionably slipped over the past 10 years (remember when the “Nintendo seal of approval” ensured the game was going to at least review well), now this…..

      remember when the “Nintendo seal of approval” ensured the game was going to at least review wellPretty sure it just ensured that the game was guaranteed to work with your console, both in terms of the physical media itself as well as in terms of not crashing or whatever.

        It was just a dumb sticker.
        The point was it wasn’t below AAA, a lazy adaptation that got sub-75 reviews or shovelware.

        Almost everything Nintendo published pre-WiiU was very good. You can’t say that anymore, now even their heavily hyped games like Starfox aren’t necessarily great.

    I understand and agree with the complaints about the two content packs not being available outside of the season pass. That second pack sounds cool but I'd be happy to give the first one a miss. Also, yeah, locking a difficulty mode behind a paywall is bogus, unless it will somehow drastically alter the game (which is unlikely).

    Having said that, I'm surprised to see people bitching about "Day One DLC". In my mind that's defined as content that is available to play on release and hidden behind a paywall (see Mass Effect 3), which I agree is dodgy. This doesn't fit that definition as the extra content is allegedly still in development.

    Not to mention the negative assumptions people are making over the scale and quality of the story/dungeon DLC. On what are you basing your assumptions, exactly? We've got basically no info yet.

    I'm not going to purchase the season pass at launch, I certainly don't need to see Link running around with a Switch logo on him. But I'll keep an eye on the reception of the DLC.

    Wow I can't believe the amount of crap I'm reading here. "its been fun nintendo" "Cancelled preorder" You know your all going to buy the game regardless

      Just because you have no willpower doesn't mean you need to project that onto everyone else.

      A lot of people were on the fence about the switch and when a game as big as Zelda has a difficulty locked behind a paywall it shows you the direction Nintendo wants to go.

      I loved the Gamecube and had originally pre ordered a Wii but after seeing how heavily it relied on a gimmick I cancelled it and never looked back.

      I bought every Nintendo console I could up until the WiiU. I went a bees-dick away from buying one of those at launch, didn’t and Nintendo never put together enough of a run of decent software (or drop the price low enough) for me to get on board.

      I’ve been much more enthusiastic about the Switch, and was really, genuinely on the fence about getting one.

      I’d already decided not to buy one at launch, but stuff like this really will influence my decision to get one in the future. If I’m going to fork out $450 for hardware then I want software that’s better value than what I can get on the hardware I already own…. This is Nintendo putting short term profits ahead of differentiating themselves on value, while still expecting me to pay the $450.

    I'll be waiting for more details. So far their track record with DLC has been pretty good value for money with Luigi U and Mario Kart.

    It's annoying that they won't sell them separately because I'm only really interested in the new story content, so if it looks like it's not worth it then I'll just vote with my wallet.

    Yeah I'm not happy with many iconic franchises going down the industry standard path either.
    In this instance I sigh in frustration, once at the announcement and again and the reaction from people.

    But I'm beginning to realise that people have no clue what they want from Nintendo. All I see is constant bitching that Nintendo isn't competing with the other platforms and purposeful ignorance as to what that actually entails given the industry.
    "Be like everyone else, don't be like everyone else, be like everyone else but not in any of the ways that can achieve that!!"
    I see people screaming that Nintendo needs to release modern, mature and new IP's, but when asked what games they want? Mario!! Zelda!! Metroid!!

    Last edited 15/02/17 11:17 am

      The hand wrangling I'm seeing is pretty atrocious for something we don't really have the details for. I'm personally doing a wait-and-see, and it seems like people forget that the only previous time an additional difficulty was available was when you had to get a whole new game for it.

      When you say "People have no clue what they want from Nintendo" it's because you are combining a group of people to only have one comment.

      On an individual level I would say people know what they want from Nintendo, its just there are a few different groups of ideas that all clash with each other.

      I for example just want them to make a powerful console with a normal controller so I can enjoy their first party games like I did all those years ago along with all the 3rd party stuff that would be released if they had a console with similar power and controls to PS4/Xbone.

    Downloadable content for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild? I like that idea and I think I'll accept that idea for downloadable content with the first DLC coming out next month the second DLC in Summer and the third DLC coming out in Winter of 2017 Thank you very much Nintendo and I'm looking forward to getting downloadable content for the The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

    If Y'all cancelling your preorders can ya let me know where so I can scoop one up? K Thnks Bye.

    Lol, the outrage is hilarious. DLC has been part of the industry for almost a decade, if you still have some sort of moral conflicts with the idea, should probably just quit video games. The day 1 DLC in this case isn't even crucial to the game (it's cosmetic armour for all intents and purposes) like some of the shit we've seen in the past. The major stuff is coming later which is pretty much standard. But hey, Nintendo doing DLC? RAGE!!!

      Chances are if they have problems with DLC now, they had problems with DLC the whole time. Dunno why people are acting as thought this disagreement is some kind of new phenomenon that's only cropping up now.

    Why are some commenters in here so butthurt people are deciding to cancell their pre orders? Is it illegal to hold bad opinions of nintendo now? How does it effect you if someone cancells their pre order.

    Get over it, Grow up. People have different opinions to you and can spend their money how they want.

    As a huge Zelda and Nintendo fan I'm no doubt a little biased here but...
    Everyone judges Nintendo for doing their own thing and not conforming to the regular practices of other video game companies, and yet here they are doing just that and are still being judged and vilified. Sure they could make the DLC free like a few other companies are these days, but hey they don't have to.
    Just think the extreme reactions here are a little strange.

    Man, can't wait until I can play the next Zelda game on PC.

      Then you will be able to play it at more than 900p!

    I bet that most of these people that are "canceling pre-order", never had one.

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