Nvidia Is Not Exactly Being Subtle About The New GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Nvidia Is Not Exactly Being Subtle About The New GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

It’s almost Time. That’s what Nvidia is telling us in preparation for its keynote at GDC 2017, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that it’s going to take the opportunity to introduce a new, top-of-the-line consumer graphics card to replace the powerful GTX 1080 — unsurprisingly called the GTX 1080 Ti.

The card’s existence is basically a sure thing. In fact, Videocardz spotted the fact that the teaser video on the front page of Geforce.com had the file name GTX1080Ti_Countdown__Hero_1920x1080_h264_2mbps.mp4, which is… kinda giving the game away without even trying, if you ask us.

From everything we’ve heard, the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti will use the same top-spec, full-power GP102 professing core as the Titan X Pascal, but come in at a significantly lower price point — although it’ll still be a premium product for gamers with a lot of cash to splash.

Expect a card with Nvidia’s latest 16nm FinFET microarchitecture, up to 12GB (but maybe only 8GB or 10GB) of superfast GDDR5X RAM, and base and boost clocks very similar to the current Titan X. It’ll be a single-card solution for playing modern games at 4K resolution and at a stable 60fps — this is what Nvidia talked about with Titan X, so we’d be hoping for the same from the nearly-identical-on-paper 1080 Ti.

If you’re still willing to suspend your disbelief and to wait for Nvidia’s keynote, it’ll kick off at 2PM AEDT on Tuesday February 28 in Australia.

This article originally appeared on Gizmodo.


      • Current 1080’s are between 850AUD and 1150AUD on PCCase Gear before you get into the watercooled models. Ti would have to sit at that ~1100AUD mark or higher unless the standard 1080 and lower models get a price drop to suit.

        • 1080’s will drop if the 980 is any indication. However, I daresay we will have a halo period before Vega where the product stack will continue to represent what it is atm, with the Ti being 1100 or so.

        • PLE are currently selling the Galax 1080 superclocked for $777 awesome price. Cheapest I’ve seen one for here.

          • Umart are also selling a pretty wide range of models for $800-850. They’ve come down a lot since launch prices.

          • They sure have. It’s awesome. I just wish someone would pick up three new zotac 1080 mini. I want one but my only option is newegg at the moment for $795 aud + $70 for postage >_>

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