NVIDIA Will Announce The GTX 1080 Ti Next Week

NVIDIA Will Announce The GTX 1080 Ti Next Week
Well then.

It was pretty much expected that NVIDIA would unveil something at the Game Developer’s Conference this year, but now we know for sure.

Earlier this morning, NVIDIA’s UK Twitter account pushed out a small video displaying something called the “Ultimate GeForce”, which then linked back to a site with a countdown timer.

You can’t view it within Twitter, but if you go through to the GeForce UK page and view the address for the video:

Isn’t it nice when companies make things simple?

Current expectations – which should absolutely be taken with a grain of salt – are that the 1080 Ti will fall just below the 12GB TITAN X in terms of performance. It’s likely the 1080 Ti will match the TITAN X with 12GB of GDDR5X memory as well, given how Ti-branded launches of GeForce cards have gone in the past.

But the fun part in all of this? The corporate skullduggery. AMD is set to lift the lid on their next set of GPUs, termed “Vega”, on February 28. It’s part of a Capsaicin Live webcast, which we’ll cover here. And whatever pricing and details NVIDIA announce, we’ll let you know that too.


  • I know it’s all about hype building, but shit… if you’re gonna announce an announcement, at least hide what you’re announcing, rather than announcing that you’re going to announce something we now know exists. Kinda makes the actual announcement redundant. Might as well just come out and say “We’re going to announce the specs of this on x date”

  • Yawn. The first time Nvidia dropped a slightly cut down Titan for cheaper it was awesome. Now its just mid cycle price gouging.

    Really hoping Vega doesn’t suck. lol.

  • I’m still curious as to whether that earlier rumour regarding an upgrade program for 980ti holders will actually be a thing.

    • Incredibly doubtful IMO. The most likely would be 1080 customers, as then they could still resell them in some form or fashion, where as 980 Ti’s would just be dead silicon.

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