Off Topic: What Are You Listening To?

Yesterday we had the Grammys and the Grammys are always shit — we know that. But I thought it might be fun to use that as a jump off point. What's everyone listening to these days?

The cool thing is that I can actually show you!

This is a playlist of my favourite songs of 2017 so far and these were my favourite songs of 2016.

More and more I find myself listening to curated playlists on Spotify. These algorithms are the bomb. I'm constantly surprised by how well Spotify knows my tastes with stuff like Discover Weekly and New Music Friday. I look forward to checking out these playlists.

Bizarrely I find myself listening to a lot of Pop Music. My favourite album of 2017 was probably Carly Rae Jepsen's Emotion Side B. I also really liked Roosevelt's debut album. Both worth checking out.

What are you all listening to?


    Madeon's Adventure - An album that's become of my all time favourites (Nonsense, Beings and Pay No Mind are my favourite tracks on it)
    Phenix - Litzstomania. Just so Much fun.
    Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto. I hope nobody disses me for liking coldplay :p

      Madeons Adventure is absolutely fantastic.
      Just a great album

        I've listened to it from start to finish probably a hundred times since release. Hugo is a legend among men. It's damn near perfect to me.

    I had the opportunity to see Opeth live the other weekend, and they were amazing. I've been diving into their catalogue of albums ever since.

      Dude... I traveled to Sydney to see them at the Opera House. Opeth are phenomenal, and that was a once in a lifetime gig! Where did you see them?

        I saw them in Brisbane at the Tivoli Theatre. It was a nice small venue, so we had a good view of the stage.

          Nice. I've seen them a number of times in Melb, they tour quite frequently.

        A few of us flew down from brissy to see em at the opera house - absolutely amazing seeing them there, sound was perfect!

    The Hamilton Soundtrack

      Hamilton rules, I can't wait for the Australian seasons.

    Soul Wax

    I'm sure it will evolve by week's end.

      Oceansize. Before they broke up didn't they hold a night a week dedicated to playing each one of their albums in their entirety?

      I would have loved to have been there for that.

      Commemorative T-Shirt FTW.

        They did. Mate of mine was lucky enough to attend their last gig in Aus, too.

        Between them breaking up, Porcupine Tree's lengthy Haitus and Tool being stuck in legal purgatory for a decade... it's been a dark time for prog ✊🏽

          We've seen some great new prog in the last few years though. Ne Obliviscaris are my favourite aussie band hands down, Plini is doing great stuff too. Devin Townsends last 2 albums have been straight up masterpieces.

          Also The Contortionist have been doing good work, Haken's last album was boss, and Cyborg Octopus put out a killer album last year

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            Devin is my spirit animal - the rest are soon to be mined in spotify. Thanks! :)

              Oh my sweet summer child, let me add a few more suggestions.

              Animals as Leaders
              Fallujah (more atmospheric doom, but Dreamless was one of the best albums of 2016)
              The Dead Hunter - Hymns with the Devil in confessional is a bit softer than I normally listen to, but still great prog
              Neal Morse Band – The Similitude of a Dream
              Fates Warning – Theories of Flight

              And those are just from last year!

                Hahaha yeah, most of my influences were predominantly scandy. Nice to hear some locals.

                Animals As Leaders are great, but Fallujah? Wouldn't have picked. Having a listen now :)

                  If you're after some local flavour, you should check out Captain Kickass and the Awesomes. Not only a fantastic band name, but some great music too! Troldhaugen are good fun if you want something a little crazy (think Diablo Swing Orchestra).

                  Be'lakor are less prog and more metal, but we can forgive them because they are great. RED SEA are probably pretty good - I listened to them when they used to be called Domino and they were good then.

    Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
    Sunn O)))
    Electric Lucifer

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      My brother!!!!! Been listening to Earthless and Fuzz of lately but can't go past some Sleep or Sunn O)))

        This guy gets it :)

        Doom forever!!

        Earthless, very nice. I was watching this documentary called: Such hawks, such hounds. It interviews Sleep members and a whole bunch of the doom/desert scene types. Made me look up a bunch of the stuff that influenced those bands... it's a rabbit hole...

          Either of you seen Sunn 0))) live?

          Holy shit that was intense!!! I saw them in Sydney when Attila Csihar was touring "Altar" with them, and it was absolutely surreal.

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            I wish!!!!!! Would be intense!

            I will also have to check out that doco, sounds great.

            I missed out by the smallest margin T_T

            Bunch of dudes in cultist robes? Sign me up, please crush my sternum with a wall of sound.

              please crush my sternum with a wall of sound.

              That was very, very close to how it felt.

    As I'm posting this, Nine Inch Nail's latest EP. Last year I was listening to Filter's latest album Crazy Eyes a lot, easily my favourite album released in 2016. It was definitely worth backing on Pledgemusic.

      It's surprisingly good too! I heard it the other night and it felt like Trent was getting back to his roots. I mean he pretty much says that it one of the songs, feel like I've been here before.

        That last track - that I'm too lazy to properly reference - is one of his best.

    At this current point in time Dune Rats- The Kids Will Know Its Bullshit. Great album.

    Lots of other things:
    Smith Street Band - Throw me in the River
    Violent Soho - WACO
    Avalanches - Wildflower
    Nirvana - Best of
    Dr Dre - Compton
    Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
    And there is always Frenzal gets a thrashing

    Dance Gavin Dance - Chucky vs. The Giant Tortoise

      Same they have been putting out some good albums lately

        Mothership was amazing. Best yet IMO. Surprised anyone else knows them haha.

    Crash of Rhinos, Self Evident, Theo Katzman, Vulfpeck, Into it Over it, This town needs guns (TTNG), The Dear Hunter, Closure in Moscow, Enemies, Mouse on the keys, Vasco da Gama.


    Grabbed Chance The Rapper's "Colouring Book" last night on Spotify, it's cool, the overall upbeat style reminds me of Macklemore a bit (that comment's sure to attract some hate...) but I don't know if it's a stayer or not.

    Been listening to whatever Spotify throws my way with its Ozzy Osbourne "radio" the past week or so - had some Van Halen, Scorpions, Pantera, Motley Crue, Megadeth, and even Slayer's Raining Blood showed up at one point. Pretty neat mix, imo - really digging it.

    I've also been listening to a fair bit of the Spotify playlists.

    I've also been on a bit of a Bruce Springsteen binge since going to his concert 2 weeks ago. Legend.

    About four month ago I decided to check out Twenty One Pilots and bought Blurryface.

    This is going to sound sad but I legitimately have not listened to anything else since. I listen to music almost every day on my commute and I pretty much just left it loop over and over and I'm not sick of it yet.

    I think it might be my favourite album of all time.

      Bluryface is absolutely fantastic, Vessel is also good.
      You might wanna check out Empire of the Sun if you like their more Synthpop tracks. I also recommend Madeon to literally everyone (I'm crushed I'll miss his Australian tour) as well as WRLD if you like Electronic Music. I can't find many musicians like TOP though, They are so unique.

    Death, Minor Threat, the Andrews Sisters, Ninja Dolls, Mona Lisa Twins and Batfoot!

    Trophy Eyes - Chemical Miracle
    Dune Rats - The Kids Will Know it's Bullshit
    The Butterfly Effect - Imago
    The Smith Street Band - Throw Me In The River
    King Gizz - Nonagon Infinity
    Big Scary - Animal

    Seem to have been listening to exclusively Australian music. It's not hard when there is so much talent in this country.

      The Kids will Know its Bullshit is such a huge leap forward for them .

    Podcasts! Because I only really get to listen when I'm riding and music is either too quiet or loud enough that I'm uncomfortable not being able to hear cars around me. At the moment I'm listening to:

    The Adventure Zone
    SuperBest Friend Cast
    The Myths and Legends Podcast
    Welcome to Nightvale
    and like 12 things from Roosterteeth

    Welcome to Nightvale rules! I've got the novel and it's the best book i've read in years.

    I just spent most of last night on youtube listening to 90's r&b and rap!

    Listening to Bowie's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars and Heroes. Been in a Bowie mood as of lately. Don't know why.

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