Off Topic: What's Your Choice Of Car?

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It'll probably be a while before we own flying cars of the quality of Final Fantasy 15's Regalia. But most people in Australia do own one car, if not more.

If money was no object, and I wasn't concerned with the prospect of driving on Sydney roads or damaging a Very Nice Vehicle, I'd love a bottle green Aston Martin DB9. Maybe it's the effect of it starring in Casino Royale, although I've seen a few Aston Martins around the CBD since then. They're gorgeous, gorgeous cars. And they sound bloody good too, on the rare occasions their owners decide to let rip.

But I'm curious as to the everyday cars that people have, and the decisions behind them. Do you know a SUV? A two-seater? Which ones did you get? Is it brand new, or second hand? Or, like me, do you not own a car at all? (Public transport is a lot cheaper than all of that fuel, registration, and so forth.)

And if money wasn't a factor, what car would you own?


    I have a Mazda 3 that I've driven for six years, and I still like it. For a single man, who lives alone, it's a good size- I can fill it up with friends when we go somewhere and chuck stuff in the boot, but when empty it's pretty economical.

    That said, it's seen a lot less use this year. Bought myself a bicycle after christmas and that's replaced 90% + of my car trips. All my commutes, and all my "short trip to the shops" drives are now done on the treadly.

      I drive a Honda Civic now, but was looking at getting a Mazda 2/3 for a while. Like you though I ride to work now and only have to drive my car on the weekends

        Yeah, I'm really enjoying cycling everywhere.

        Plus I've dropped like six kilos, which is also fun

    I work in the CBD and bought a Vespa after one too many parking fines. Free parking every day now ftw

      But can it do freeway speeds?
      I know times change but last time I was in one it maxes out about 85 and please don't tell me you lane split.

        I've taken it on the expressway once, going about 100, never again. I'll lane split at traffic lights but only when everyone has stopped. Not gonna sit there for 5 minutes when I can go right to the front! Sorry!

          But scooters are slower than semi trailers. I don't mind when bikes do it. But lane splitting is meant to ease congestion but at least in Melbourne CBD they seen to cause it. Then give all riders a bad name.

    Audi TT V6 Quattro - finally got my dream car last year and I will never tire of it - the rear seats are just a shelf so really it's just a 2 seater but with no kids it is perfect for me and my wife.
    I work from home so when I do drive I wanted to do it with a smile. Considering the best car I ever owned previously was a Focus it was a massive step up.

    I work in the CBD and I drive a Nissan Navara STX. It's a bit tricky to park but great for camping with the kidlets on the weekend.

    I own a Honda Civic and have so since 2009, great car, perfect size, very economical but enough grunt to overtake nicely. Only issue I have are the columns on the front windscreen obstruct vision a bit so you have to be careful at intersections. Nothing you can't get used to though. I'd happily get a new model Civic once this one bites the dust, but the Honda engines are renowned for lasting forever so I'll get at least another 5 years out of it.

    If money were no concern, I have a strange attraction to Mini Copper S models. I would get one in British racing green (or bottle green as you mentioned Alex).

      I've got a 2000 Civic, and I love it. Though I'm really not a fan of the new ones, Mum had a... not sure, maybe a 2010 model? Or thereabouts. Absolutely hated it in comparison to mine - tiny rear windshield that you couldn't see shit out of (especially with that weird shelf thing that plonked an opaque horizontal bar through the middle of it), the inside felt very claustrophobic with how high the centre console was and everything, and in terms of driving I didn't like how insulated you were from everything. Could barely feel or hear the engine at all which meant half the time when hitting the ignition (stupid button :P) I held it for too long because I couldn't tell the car had started, also it was super easy to stall too.

      Worst of all though - non-replaceable stereo which sounded like complete crap :P

        Wow really? My Civic doesn't have button ignition, still the old key turn. Also it's manual, I will always choose to drive manual whenever possible. I have to agree the interior can feel a little claustrophobic and also yes, visibility certainly isn't the best in my Civic either. It's quiet but not to the point where I can't hear the engine turnover. I'm surprised about the stereo I'm more than happy with my stock standard one, though to be honest I'm not one to care too much about sound quality.

          Yes, manual 4eva :P I can't remember what my stock one sounded like exactly (it stopped playing CDs so had to replace it, nothing fancy or expensive or anything but the speakers are still stock and sound great) but this one was just... I'm no audiophile, but this one was unbearably bad. Completely hollow sound no matter how much you fiddle with the equaliser settings or anything, could hardly get any bass out of it at all. Felt more like when I'm trying to listen to something on my shitty old walkman earphones out on noisy public transport.

            Hmmm well if your mother's Civic is similar in age to mine the audio should have been fine, decent bass and clarity even when you crank it up. Sounds like it could have been a fault with the speakers perhaps.

            Also - hell yes manual 4eva!

      Got a Honda Civic '99 from a friend of a friend real cheap. Great little car.

    Nothing exciting, I own a 2014 Hyundai i30 Trophy. Bought it in August, after I had my previous car (a 2000 Mazda 323) kind of died after I put 350,000 km on it...

    Car is great so far, I'm very happy I found a manual as well. Only criticism is good lord black leather is not fun in a Perth summer.

    Vespa good choice.

    I own a Nissan 370Z and absolutely love it. I take public transport to work, though, and save the car for nights and weekends.

    If money were no object I'd love a Ferrari 458 or 488.

    I love my mazda6 station wagon. Can keep All The Things in the back - picnic chairs, skateboard, scooter, helmet...

    If I had the money, honestly I'd probably just go and get a brand new one with all the extra goodies and get a trailer for bikes and camping stuff.

    I really would, however, love to get an adult-sized tricycle. They look so comfortable and easy to ride, and you can put your shopping in them. Unfortunately we live on a really steep hill and our current version of house doesn't have a garage. :(

    '07 Toyota Hilux single cab. Don't think I'll ever not own a ute. Tows the boat, take it on the beach, take it out bush to get a load of wood, love it. Only downside is you're roped into helping every one of your mates when they're moving house.

    Love my Ranger XLT. Heaps of room in the double cab and can still cart shit around in the tray!

    Recently got rid of my 9 year old XR5T for the newer ST. I like all the new tech in the cabin but I miss the old 2.5L T5 Volvo engine and the authentic roar as opposed to the new 2L "Ecoboost" engine... I need something punchy in my cars, I drive my wifes Hyundai at times and its just not responsive enough.

    The WRX interior was rubbish and I can't stand GTIs and I wasn't going to wait until 2018 for the RS delivery time.

    Dream car? Porsche 918 Spyder

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      I've got a 2010 XR5T, still in perfect trim and low kms. That 5 cylinder volvo engine is absolutely brilliant. My usual preference is for a 6 cylinder, and I don't get along with 4 pots at all, so it's a nice compromise. The flat torque curve at 320 Newtons from 1500 through 4000 gives a great feel (and who wants to use a handbrake for shallow hill starts anyway?). And the noise...

        I had the 2007, was one of the first 50 in the country. The noise and the torque is what I miss the most. I've slowly realised I can't be lazy and start in 3rd gear in the ST.

        But the XR5T had to go, fuel management issues, a coolant system that was breaking down along the line, original shocks. I poured $5k last year into it and at 10 years things needed a serious overhaul so it would mean more costs. I got $10,500 on the trade in though which isn't bad considering it was about $36-38k new.

        Has yours had the engine pull away from its mounts or did they fix that in the second series? Fun times.

        The ST sits higher too, which makes it a bit more bouncy but at least you don't scrape it on anything larger than a pebble.

        2009 xr5 here as well. Gobs of torque for what it is, only downside is the damned rear seats. There is no point attempting to fold them as the only move forward a few inches.

    I just bought a new (and only / first in years, I've been car free for a long time) car in November.

    If practicality was not an issue, I love the updated Mazda MX5. If money was no issue, I don't think I could go past a Tesla.

    Since practicality and affordability are absolutely an issue, I went for no more or less than I needed. That means a small, city run-about with good economy. That ended up being a Holden [Barina] Spark, mainly because of the entertainment / multimedia features. I could have spent less and gotten a more basic fit-out, but where's the fun in that?

    I've gone a bit Ute crazy of late, at this point I have a 91 Hilux sr5, a BT-50 single cab and an old xy falcon Ute. I tell myself at night they do different things =). Oh and also an old kz1000st but that's a toy. Because of what I do for work and in free time I can't justify a sedan, and as for the dream car, already have it (some assembly required)

    I drive an 04 WRX - the last of the 2 litre engines. Still puts a smile on my face every time I go around a corner.

      Is it blue? Because the WRX is my dream car. Did a rally experience in one and it was friggin awesome

        Not the famous blue and gold, it's silver. I have spent a bit of money on it over the years so it makes decent power, 200k on the clock and still going strong. Fun as hell to drive, if anything is faster in a straight line you will go straight past it as soon as you find a corner.

    I have a Mazda RX8, it's such a fun and zippy car to drive. Only downside is it drinks up petrol plus engine life will most likely last till around 185xxxkm :(

    If I had the money I would probably upgrade to a Nissan GTR or an Audi R8. Probably also have a Toyota Prado or BMW X5 as a practical vehicle.

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    I had a Navara Stx but it had to go to make way for a Kia Carnival, sigh.

    Octavia RS. Wasn't really a choice as had two Golf's that were lemons and this was the result of a trade off with VW. Actually a lot nicer drive subjectively and no issues yet (touch wood).

    If enough money could get Honda to manufacture a brand new 2002 Civic I'd do it for the nostalgia. I loved that car.

      Interesting that you had troubles with the VW's. My father in law has one (I forget if it's a Jetta or a Passat) and he had to get the engine (twice) and the gearbox replaced (under warranty thank God). I know another person who got a golf and had a heap of trouble with the electrics.

      VW used to have a reputation for quality and reliability, but it seems to be sliding downhill fast in recent years.

        VW used to have a reputation for quality and reliability, but it seems to be sliding downhill fast in recent years.

        A lot of parallels to be drawn with Apple there too. I feel like since Jobs died they've been slipping.

        Passats are trash. Mine is from 1998 admittedly but let me just list off the things that don't work:

        1. Air conditioning
        2. Windscreen wiper water nozzles
        3. Any of the locks for the car besides the boot (that's how I have to unlock the car)
        4. Passenger side door does not open at all
        5. Speedometer (I have to guess how fast i'm going)
        6. All window buttons on my driver armrest are loose and at risk of breaking off completely
        7. Fuel gauge will sometimes tell me I have half a tank even though I might have close to empty
        8. Boot often doesn't actually open unless i pull it up a certain way

        I'm sure i'm forgetting something but yeah.

          I was trying to find out where they import the ones sold in Australia. Most seem to be built in China or Brazil.

          I had an auto Golf 3 years ago as a hire car for a road trip between Melbourne and Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road. I went for an easy overtake at 110kph and it just carked it mid way through down to 60kph. I had to abort, return back in and try not to get cleaned up by a truck as it loomed up on the limping Golf.

          Never again.

          That, good sir, appears to be un-roadworthy. Especially the passenger door not being able to open.

          I'm pretty sure that point 5 (at least) is defect-worthy. Better get something done about that :P

        They had the sudden loss of power issue (and a boatload of others, but that was the worst). Nearly got cleaned up crossing intersections a couple of times, pretty scary.

        To be fair, VW customer service were pretty good about it - I've heard that's not always the case too though. I wouldn't touch one again with a barge pole, but so many people own them and have nothing bad to say. I guess I was just unlucky...

    I got a Mustang last year (GT of course) and absolutely love it. My dream car is a SRT Viper

      Those Mustangs look pretty sweet. How long did you have to wait for delivery?

        About 3 years haha but i put an order down before order books even opened and then something went wrong in qc so it got delayed another 6 months which was really fustrating but am really happy with her, didnt have any panel alignment issues like some, really happy because it was my realistic dream car

          Yeah they've shortened the lead time on the Mustangs but the 5.0L are still hard to get. The Focus RS isn't until 2018 and the Ranger Wildtrax is a couple of months as well. I don't think Ford are doing to badly at the moment.

          I might have considered one if they'd been available back when I bought my 370Z in 2012. But I don't think I'd ever buy a car with a wait that long for delivery. 2 or 3 months, ok, but that's about as long as I'd be prepared to wait, I think.

            well to be fair ive been waiting 20 odd years for Mustang to be built in rhd at an affordable price so the extra few didnt worry me haha it was in my top 5 dream cars

    VW Jetta 1.4 TSI because apparently I am an old man.
    Speed doesn't make me smile as much as getting to my destination and reading that I did 5.1L per 100km... Oh and getting 900km to a tank is nice too...
    God i'm a boring person hey?

    I have a 2015 Holden SSV Redline.
    If money was no object I'd probably get a Mercedes Benz AMG C63

    If money was no problem at all. I'd purchase a Hawkei

    370Z. If money was no object, I'd buy more parts for my Z.

    Last three cars have been a Supra RZ, GS300 and Golf Comfortline tsfi.

    Now I just own a Sportster Forty Eight. I don't think I'd buy another car unless I could write it off on tax.

    I current;y drive a 2004 Holden Berlina. Its nothing special but it does the job. Currently in the new car market though. Tossing up between an Octavia RS Wagon or a WRX.

    If money weren't a factor I would splash out on a Tesla P100D for the daily and get an Aston Martin Vanquish for the weekends.

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