Online Shooter Leads To Surprise Bromance Between Japan And America

Online Shooter Leads To Surprise Bromance Between Japan And America

In H1Z1: King of the Kill, there are 150 players gunning to be the last man standing. This isn’t exactly the place you’d expect to see a friendship bloom. But for one American dude and one Japanese guy, that’s exactly what happened.

[GIF via demonblades005]

As pointed out by GameOver, Japanese player Koumai ran into some dude from Miami. They didn’t shoot each other, like players are supposed to. Instead, they made small talk, and the guy from Miami said he loved Japan.

The two ended up giving each other items, and later, after Koumai was shot dead, Miami ran into a blaze of bullets, shooting and screaming, “You killed Japan!”

It’s all very touching.

Koumai’s clip racked up over 200,000 likes on Twitter and the word “Miami” (マイアミ) even started trending on Japanese Twitter, breaking the top 10!

“Miami” is not the player’s handle. He’s Twitch user demonblades005, and he wanted to find his Japanese friend, but it was difficult.

Koumai, however, figured out who Miami was and left a message during his Twitch stream.

After seeing it, Demonblades005 went “Holy shit dude, I was wondering what happened to you.” He then said he avenged Koumai by killing the player who had shot him dead.

(GIF via demonblades005)

[GIF via demonblades005]

Koumai linked the clip he uploaded to Twitter, which Demonblades005 watched, recounting and reliving their first meeting.

“I thought he was going to kill me,” Demonblades005 said, so he ran to the other side of the map. And Koumai probably thought Demonblades005 wanted to shoot him!

[GIF via demonblades005]

Instead, they ended up giving each other items, with Demonblades005 even parting ways with laminated body armour.

(GIF via demonblades005)

[GIF via demonblades005]

“Oh my god, this is the greatest thing,” he said while watching the replay. “I’m crying.”

The two of them finally were able to meet up in-game and have been playing together, and their story has since spawned fan art.

All sorts of people cross our paths on a daily basis, in real life and online. Sometimes small gestures can lead friendship to bloom in the most unlikely of places.


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