Overwatch Hacker Impersonating Streamer Gets Matched Up Against Real Player, Rivalry Ensues

Overwatch Hacker Impersonating Streamer Gets Matched Up Against Real Player, Rivalry Ensues

Kephrii is a competitive Overwatch player known for being one of the best Widowmakers in the world. Last weekend, he hopped into a match where he found another Widowmaker player also using the handle Kephrii — and that player happened to be a hacker.

The fake Kephrii didn’t just have the gall to impersonate a top player (that happens all the time!), they were going online, using the same character, and aimbotting to land impossible hits. To an onlooker, such incredible headshots might be mistaken for actual talent at best, or reflect poorly on Kephrii at worst. The real Kephrii didn’t let this get him down, though, and instead chose to take the hacker head-on. You can watch the showdown below:

The rivalry is a tense one, as Kephrii has to stand his ground against unfair odds. Sometimes the real Kephrii takes out the faker, sometimes pseudo Kephrii claps back with bullshit kills of their own. Despite the cheating,

“Kephrii” is defeated in the first round. In the second round, the impersonator switches to Tracer, only to have their arse handed back to them. The very last kill you see before the match ends is fake Kephrii getting her head blown off. “FUCK YOU,” real Kephrii yells in excitement. “Can’t even be me with hacks bud,” he types into the chat.

The best part is when the play of the game ensues, and there’s brief confusion over which Kephrii got the glory. (Spoilers: the real one did.)

“It’s kind of flattering that he thought to name his aimbot account after me, but he’s still a dick for hacking,” Kephrii wrote in the YouTube description.


    • Cheating happens on coming consoles. Dark souls for instance. But yeah it’s rarer than on PC.
      Can’t understand what drives people to have fake victories. They must be empty inside.

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