PAX Australia 2017 Dates Were Just Announced

And thank the good lord it doesn't take place on Melbourne Cup weekend.

The dates: October 27 till October 29.

The price: $65 for a day ticket and $165 for a three-day pass.

The event is still taking place at the Melbourne Convention And Exhibition Centre, which is absolutely a good thing and tickets go on-sale March 14.

Also, is that a new logo? Looks fancy.

"Australia's gaming community has given PAX such an incredible home here," said Jerry Holkins, co-founder of PAX and Penny Arcade. "This year will see the fifth PAX Aus erupt in Melbourne, and there's every indication it will be the best one yet."

Early bird tickets will save you $5 on the full ticket price. You'll be able to buy tickets here when they go on-sale in March.


    Sell me on PAX Aus.

    - I don't live in Victoria, so I'd have to fly over, and find accommodation.

    - I admire and respect the way the community have made it 'their own' and it's less a representation of Penny Arcade and more a festival of Aussie-game fans getting together, but still I have never liked Penny Arcade. This goes back to the nascent days of web-comics and before the 'culture' stuff surrounding games was self-sustaining and all around us like today. In other words it's them not me.

    The two main reasons for getting on down to this seems to be

    a) the chance to play games before they are released, and seeing as we're about to see a new console launch coupled with the fact things are relatively quiet on the 'hype front' means we're due for some big surprises and exciting announcements.

    One of my favourite games of the last few years - Monaco - was the requisite 'indie darling' of PAX US for a number of years so I love the fact it's another channel for games like that to find an audience. I hope this aspect comes to the fore at PAX Aus more and more.

    b) the panels. Now hear me out - I love that the local games community is able to field its own informative and dynamic talks and discussions about the medium, and attract a cool roster of international speakers. But how are they chosen? What's the sort of panel that can get put up? We've had five of these now, are there any particular panels that are there every year and are popular?

    The 'culture' industry around games is something that's inescapable these days if you have any like for the medium, and I understand that. I don't have to like it though.

    To take a 'ripped from the headlines' example, if PewDiePie shows up at this event I'd call it a cynical move and expect people not to go, but as if tha't happen. He and the organisers would make a shitload of money.

      Indie section is decent and indie games are cherished.

      No idea how the panels are actually chosen, but people can apply to run them. A friend of mine did just that, and it was really good. There's something for everyone from promoting a AAA game to discussing something to do with games. Just go to the website and look at last year's - most of the panels are recorded and watchable later.

      They've done a lot of work on culture and inclusiveness, and several of the panels each year reflect that. The Enforcers do a great job too.

      I fly in from Brisbane and I literally spend the whole 3 days playing in board game tournaments interspersed with hanging out with friends and checking out indie games / panels when I have time.


      It's got next to no relation to web comics. You get to spend three days playing games and seeing cool shit. The panels vary, I saw some cool ones with authors, academics and devs talking about just about anything you can imagine to do with games. A highlight was seeing Tom Taylor talk about how making the Injustice comics built into the game and the way the comic industry works.

      E: the indie stands are the shit.

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    Haven't missed a year yet. Looking forward to it!

    Mark, that's last year's logo which was in itself a change from the 2015 logo.

    I was there as a Content Creator last year. Was an excellent opportunity to meet developers and publishers. Talking face to face with a developer about their game is really insightful.

    Last year the chance to get hands on with VR was great, although there wasn't nearly enough units and huge wait times.

    I actually got some swag as well, A t-shirt and pin from the Dishonoured 2 panel. Usually the swag at PAX Aus is very poor compared to the US-based conventions, eg nVidia gave away a dozen or so 10 series cards at one last year, including the new Titan!

    "This year will see the fifth PAX Aus erupt in Melbourne, and there's every indication it will be the best one yet."

    ...and will be my 5th year of attending
    Perfect way of celebrating my final FINAL exams and graduating :o)
    Can't wait!!!

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