Play Banner Saga On Twitch And The Developers Get Paid

Play Banner Saga On Twitch And The Developers Get Paid

Streaming service Twitch and Stoic, creators of The Banner Saga, have a very weird deal going on right now where if you play either of the turn-based strategy games (which are very good), Stoic will get paid.

Between Feb 23-28, Twitch Prime subscribers can download the original Banner Saga via Twitch for free. Starting March 2, The Banner Saga 2 will be available, also for free. And the deal works like this:

For every person that downloads and plays The Banner Saga or The Banner Saga 2 through Twitch between February 23rd and March 6th we’ll give $US1 ($1) towards the development of The Banner Saga 3, up to $US200,000 ($259,444).

Considering The Banner Saga 3’s Kickstarter is already $US112,000 ($145,289) over its goal of $US200,000 ($259,444), that’s…a lot of potential extra money.

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I played a lot of the first Banner Saga, and while I liked it, it never really hooked me. The Banner Saga 2, however, has got its hooks in deep.

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If you’re a fan of the games and want to help Stoic get some easy cash, or haven’t played them and think “free” is a good place to start, note that while the offer is aimed at paid-up Twitch Prime subscribers, you can sign up for a trial membership and download/play the games and it will still count.


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