Player Beats Shadow Of Mordor Without A Nemesis

One of Shadow of Mordor's biggest features is the "Nemesis System," a mechanic that gradually beefs up unique Uruk rivals for the player. The more you progress, the more menacing your Nemesis becomes, and the more gratifying it is when you finally kill it. But what happens if you go out of your way to avoid nemesis assignments?

Uruk's Hollow spent a month trying to answer this question, dutifully avoiding identifying captains (or immediately killing any story ones that the game provided), branding everyone, scaring any potential nemeses away, all so that they could get to the "Lord of Mordor" mission without any specific rival. As you might already know, the Lord of Mordor story mission is the final showdown against your nemesis, right before taking on the final boss.

If you get to that point without a nemesis, the game apparently just gives you Ratbag as your big baddie instead. By the looks of it, Shadow of Mordor definitely doesn't expect you to arrive to Lord of Mordor without a rival, because in Uruk's game, Ratbag was very glitchy and could be killed with ease. (Still, though: good for Ratbag for making it that far!)

"The complexity of moving bodyguards from one Warchief to another and the careful movements to avoid all Captains possible proved to be quite challenging," Uruk's Hollow wrote. "I must admit, I was really impressed when I got to the end of this journey."


    Interesting, I always thought Ratbag's sudden departure from the story was odd, despite him having such a major role in the games first 1/3 and the first major gameplay trailer.

    Hmm, I must go back and finish this game some day.

      Havent even started it yet, its slowly floating to the top of my Pile of Shame. So not having played it yet, what would have happened if he took on the last marker NPC and got a nemesis reputation?

      Would the game catch up and give him something tough, or would it be the most basic nemesis he could possibly get? Alternatively, what happens if he does the first NPC then avoids the rest? Is either even possible?

    Honestly.......I feel like going back and playing this again. It was a great game.

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