Pokemon GO Has Turned Blissey Into A Beast, And It's Taking Over Gyms

Don't let the round pinkness and the cheerful smile fool you: Blissey is a monster. Since it was added to the roster of second generation Pokemon GO creatures yesterday, Blissey has started to tear up many gyms.

Here's why Blissey is so good: It has a hell of a lot of health. Really, it's classic Blissey — in the main Pokemon games, Blissey is often used as a tank who can soak up damage. It's the same case here: Blissey can be stationed at a gym, and the timer is more likely to run out before your enemy can knock it down. Blissey also has an incredible stamina stat, and high CP potential. Together, these attributes put Blissey in the top tier of Pokemon GO's gym metagame, with some debating if it's not outright broken. Regardless, everyone wants a Blissey right now.

Don't be surprised if you start seeing Blissey walls at your local gyms, as many players out there are reporting Blissey takeovers:

Getting a Blissey isn't exactly easy. Chansey is somewhat of a rare spawn out in the wild, and once you have it, it will require 50 candy. Levelling its CP from there will also be a stardust sink, but judging from the stats, it might be worth it. Look at this beast and its high CP, courtesy of tbryson612.


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