'President Supervillain' Puts Trump's Quotes In Red Skull's Mouth, And It's Disturbingly Perfect

He's barely been in office for a month, but already Donald Trump has given the world a fearsome amount of wild, delirious quotes. They're sentences that not even the best satirical writer could come up with — and weirdly enough, they make for uncomfortably believable quotes for Marvel's premiere fascist supervillain.

Brilliant parody Twitter account/depressing vision of our global future President Supervillain — created by D.M. Higgins, creator of the excellent Jill Trent, Science Sleuth — takes classic Silver Age panels from Marvel comics featuring the Red Skull, erases the text and then puts in honest-to-God quotes from Trump.

And then, just in case you can't believe that these pearls of wisdom are coming from the purported leader of the free world, each tweet contains its source material as horrific evidence.

It is honestly rather petrifying just how well it works, in one of those "laugh because otherwise you'll cry" sort of ways. Head on over to President Supervillain to see more.


    Good for a chuckle, though some of the quotes would work well enough in a broad range of characters, irrespective of alignment, and contexts.

    Still, Trump's persistence in alienating unsympathetic elements of the fourth estate from the public is unnerving, and perhaps best exemplified by the tweet where he outright proclaims them to be "the enemy of the American People!"

    That kind of behaviour really should be setting off more alarms.

      I'm more concerned about the subtle political messages sent through creative mediums to all and sundry. Especially when given creative types almost always lean hard left.

      Whether they are warranted or not is always up for debate. Whether people should use their position of influence in a non required negative manner is not.

        I read this post like three times and im still not sure what you're trying to say exactly.

        Subtle? There's no subtlety at all. Just people being honest with their political thinking. Art has always been a conduit for an artist's deepest thoughts. And it also has always been used by forces of change to influence people. This is not "non-required" as you say because nobody is forced to pay attention to an artist. If an artist you like espouse beliefs you disagree with in their art, you can always walk away.

        We are seeing a massive, almost unprecedented confluence of artists, journalists, entertainers, entrepreneurs, scientists and thinkers becoming vocal about their opposition with the current government in the US. I believe it falls to each thinking man and woman to consider whether this huge number of distinguished people have a point or whether this is just some sort of hysterical "leftist" conspiracy as the interested parties would like to dismiss it.

    I think Trump is less Red Skull and more like BvS's Lex Luthor as a petulant billionaire.

    Trump actually IS a supervillain and is on the fast track to being the worst president the US has EVER had, Nixon included. Why do you think as soon as he came to power he started issuing executive orders left and right? Because he thinks winning the election has made him the king of America and EVERYONE has to do whatever he says now. He has a fundamental inability to understand what "democracy" means. But what do you expect from a man who lost the popular vote by over 2 1/2 million people? America ISN'T a democracy any more. Trump does not represent the will of the majority. Most people don't want him there. And he doesn't care what anyone thinks, because he only cares about one person: himself.

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