Rainbow Six Siege Is Free This Weekend

The whole thing. The full games. All of it.

This is a good thing.

Because Rainbow Six Siege has turned out to be a super good game, with a fairly robust community. Everyone is playing Overwatch obviously, but this is a great opportunity to check out an overlooked game that deserves a bit more attention.

Here's when it all kicks off:


Starts Friday 3 February at 5am AEST

Ends Tuesday 7 February at 5am AEST


Starts Friday 3 February at 5am AEST

Ends Tuesday 7 February at 8am AEST

Xbox One

Starts Thursday 2 February at 7pm AEST

Ends Wednesday 8 February at 7pm AEST

So there you have it. If you've ever been curious about Siege, now's as good a time as ever to check it out.


    Anybody that has still not played, but likes competitve shooters should give it a swing.

    Probably my favourite competitive shooter in the last five years.

    If anyone is looking to have some fun on PC add me as vaegrand.

      It's a great game, if I wasn't addicted Overwatch I would be playing this game.

        I dont know what it was, but I uninstalled Overwatch after a week. I think its because it feels like a game I have to play with friends and otherwise just find myself bored.

        Siege kept me hooked because I rarely found rounds that played out exactly the same, this opinion is obviously subjective though.

    Are they actually giving the game away for free? Or is it just like a free rental for the weekend that won't work after that?

      It's free just for the weekend. They do this maybe once every two months, I just left it installed all year and played it on the free weekends. Can recommend, tis good.

        Its really nice if you want to play competitive games like CS where death is normally just about instant and a lot of the time losing is a lesson in what you did wrong rather than just dying to grenade spam or gimped weapons.

    The main issue i see with this is the sheer increase in people who will be screaming HAX as they dont understand the game mechanics, and the learning curve is very steep.

    On a related note, was in a game with a guy couple nights ago, had half his team and all of mine swearing he was walling, kid obviously was saying the usual "Git gud Scrubs"
    and "im just a better player", 3rd round in gets kicked with notice on screen for all battle eye detected and banned player, vindication feels so good.

      BattleEye is the miracle of the messiah, epi. We thank the lord for his gift.


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