Riot Bans Huge Portion Of Oceanic Competitive League Players

Riot Bans Huge Portion Of Oceanic Competitive League Players

Riot has banned 16 Oceanic League of Legends players for infractions ranging from toxicity to account sharing. That’s 40 per cent of the Oceanic Challenger Series’ eight-team league.

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In a statement today, Riot says they will work with the compromised teams “to ensure they can continue to compete in the OCS”. With three players banned for the full year and a half dozen for 2017’s first split, several teams, especially SIN Academy, will be under quite a bit more pressure to perform.

Most players were banned for “boosting”, or playing on another person’s account to boost their rank or status. It’s a way of pocketing a few extra bucks on the side of tournament earnings. “Boosting” in the OPL has been a problem for at least a year in part because of the negligible salaries Oceanic players earn. Last year, players’ salaries were doubled from $US3000 ($3930) to $US6000 ($7860), which still isn’t enough to make ends meet.

Perhaps team leaders — and especially SIN Academy’s — should consider why 10 OCS players were “boosting” in the first place. But for toxicity or harassment, there’s no excuse.


  • Damn Daniel…

    It is bad when your only in silver/gold and someone comes on and is obviously being boosted…

    This is good – but semi-pro’s (because lets face-it you can’t be called pro-anything on income below the poverty line) should be paid more!

    • This is a common problem in Oce in a lot of ranked games; once you make it to top tier in your region there isn’t much to do except play the same handful of players in matchmaking repeatedly.

  • Pfft. OCE is a joke of a server anyway. I follow every league of pro LoL EXCEPT OCE because I know doing so is a waste of time. Everything here is the worst- Riot OCE are the slackest wing of the company by a LONG way (I will never forgive them for disabling Draft Normal queue because they couldn’t be bothered maintaining it, forcing every fresh level 30 noob to go straight into Ranked to learn draft play), the community is one of the most toxic and hopeless in the world, we have arguably the worst internet in the gaming world (although that’s not a LoL-specific problem) and our players are so mediocre that they’re not even worth watching.

  • so roughly 8K a year? wtf

    I swear you’ll earn more doing part time at Coles / Woolies. do they have side income? housing paid for?

    • Usually with the big pro players. Most of their income is from sponsorships. The winnings from actual comps are only a small part.

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