Sad Characters Made Happy With FaceApp

C'mon, chin up. Turn that frown upside down!

[Images: SenyouMSF | MrSarto]

We've seen what the free Chinese photo app Meitu can do, so now let's see how the free FaceApp can add smiles to dour characters and stern faces.

Like so. Happy smile! Check out more grins below:

It can make smiling characters even more smiley.


    I wish more of them had before as well as after

    Every photo of Snake looks like the end of a Mentos commercial

    That Blade though, there is a man who enjoys what he does for a living.

    That Kazuhira Miller one makes him look so much like Sean Bean

    Meitu is pretty sketchy, they take a lot of info from your phone that they don't need. If you google it you'll find some explanations from people that have dug around in the code.

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