Two out of two. It took just over 15 minutes before nexi nailed yesterday's ScribbleTaku as Kid Icarus, specifically the SNES version. A few others picked the game as well, but nexi was the fastest out of the blocks. Nice spot.

Let's see if I can't jingle those memory banks again with today's game.

Good luck!


    Hehehehe. Does anyone get extra points for guessing what you wrote on the page that was once above the scribble?

    Looks like some kind of health/ life bar, and it looks familar and i cant place it

    Consider my memory bank jingled, but it is playing a tune I don't recognise

      Same here. It's driving me nuts right now trying to remember where I saw it.

    Resident Evil 4

    Mario 64 health meter?

    Last edited 08/02/17 12:37 pm

    Wait what? Kid Icarus was only on NES and Game Boy.

      There's a rom for Angel Land Story available that runs on snes architecture, it's arguable whether it is considered a snes game or not but it did exist

    Its also similar to the health bar for your minions in Dungeon Keeper 2 on the PC. . .

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