Yesterday's game was World Games, although I feel a shoutout has to go to Tigerion for naming it the Mark Serrels home video.

This will be my last ScribbleTaku until late next week, so time to make it a good one!

Good luck everyone! (And in case you're wondering, I'm heading to New Zealand this evening for a brief holiday. Should be fun.)


    parappa the rapper

    PaRappa the Rapper

      GAH! Beat me to it!

        Hey, I allowed 5 minutes for others to step in before grabbing the glory for myself :P

      Next week they should just draw the best picture they can of Mario and put an ‘M’ on his hat.

    Playstation Battle All Stars - Parappa's super move.

    Parappa. Never even owned a playstation or played this game and I know it.

    Kick, punch it's all UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    This is clearly Lemongrab. In his own fever dream game starring his lemon feels.

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