Seems Like EA Is Mostly Done Updating Star Wars Battlefront

In an earning's call yesterday, EA offered more information about a new Star Wars Battlefront for the holiday season later this year. As the series moves on, this leaves some fans of the current game unsure of what the future might be.

The next Battlefront title will let fans "play with more heroes and characters across multiple Star Wars eras". The most recent Battlefront attracted criticism for sticking with the events of the original trilogy. Still, it has a loyal following of fans who are concerned about dwindling support.

A blog post on the official Battlefront site offers a mixed message. It states a continued commitment but stresses that focus has shifted to the new game. It also says that there are no more plans to expand the game's Skirmish mode, which allows players to battle AI opponents offline.

Fans expressed apprehensions about the game's continued support in an official forums post dramatically titled 'So is this now officially the end of this Star Wars: Battlefront (2015)?' It prompted a reply from community manager Mat Everett.

"Support for the current Star Wars Battlefront is not done," Everett said. "While we will not be bringing more Skirmish content to the game, it doesn't mean nothing else is coming."

It's unclear what additions might be on the way, but reduced support for offline game modes doesn't bode well if current players leave en masse to play the sequel.

Everett told forum goers that the team is listening to content requests from the playerbase. These could bring some much needed life to the game if they are actually substantial. Maybe if we make enough noise, we can finally get Hero Blast?


    Game was shallow and shit anyway.
    What a clusterfuck and waste of time/effort/money.

    EA can eat a dick because i sure as hell wont be investing in round 2

    So people were annoyed that it focused on the best films?

    Now this crap will fade into obscurity. Hopefully the next one isn't so shallow and dull.

    Well that sucks. The only thing most people care about as the online base dwindles is being able to play offline. Hence why the Skirmish modes were so important to everyone for dlc packs. Shit, if it had skirmish for all dlc it would be a great game. As it is now, as soon as the new one is released the old is worthless.

      I couldn't agree more. I'm happy to support the title if it means more of this quality star wars games. While frustrating to be a limited time 36yo trying to compete against infinite time 16yo's I got my moneys worth from it.
      Having now been stuck unable to play the expansion packs online due to lack of players the one thing I ask before closing the doors of the development is offline mode for all expansion pack maps.

    "As the series moves on, this leaves some fans of the current game unsure of what the future might be."

    I'm pretty sure the future for fans of Battlefront is being told by EA to buy Battlefront 2.

      Im looking forward to seeing Battlefront 2's battlepack system!

    The only thing battlefront needed IMO was a server browser and the ability to create a game with bots so you can still level up and work towards your unlocks/hutt contracts if there is nobody playing a particular game mode. The offline skirmish mode doesn't let you work towards unlocks either :\

    Well. I for one really liked the game. I do hope the next one has more of a battlefield, unlocking type system than the card system, but I really enjoyed my time with the game.

    I just wish it had a more robust SP mode. I don't want a story per se, just proper unlocked warfare options.

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