Puyo Puyo Tetris Will Cost $70 On The Nintendo Switch

Puyo Puyo Tetris Will Cost $70 On The Nintendo Switch

For a game that first hit consoles almost three years ago to the day in Japan, the asking price is a bit much.

We’ve known that Puyo Puyo Tetris was coming to PS4 and Switch for a little while now, but it wasn’t until today that Deep Silver announced how much we’d have to pay.

The answer: quite a bit. If you’re picking up what is basically Battle Tetris for the PS4, you’ll only have to pay $50. If you’re picking it up for the Nintendo Switch when it launches in the autumn, you’ll have to fork out $70.

Let’s remind ourselves what we’re getting for that $70.

I’m thrilled that Puyo Puyo is finally coming over to the West, but let’s not kid ourselves. $70 for a localised version of Puyo Puyo Tetris?

You’ve got to be kidding.


  • I guess no one learned from the Wii U.. Reason I stopped using it, games were just too pricey even after being out for years. Pikmin is still $70.

        • Kinda disagree there. I think it comes down to the game. A game I’d buy today at full price I’d still buy in a few years at full price. Simple put, if its worth buying now the price is irrelevant.

          If I wouldn’t buy it now it’s because I think it’s over priced and not necessarily worth my time. I would wait for a price drop to try it or go without.

          As for Pikmin 3, last I heard its become a bit of a collectors item – very few physical discs were produced and can be quite expensive to get online.

          • I’ve worked in the gaming industry extensively, I’ve also worked in the second hand industry for pawnbrokers, I’ve also helped with buy/sell/swap pages extensively. I’m not worried if you disagree, I’ve seen people over-inflate prices of games beyond any reasonable point, to me, once a game is a few years old, it’s no longer worth its original price, flat out. No exceptions.

    • Wait… What currency is this in… Pikmin is 20$ and Puyo Puyo Tetris is 40$… I hate how on Ps4 Puyo Puyo Tetris is 30$ and on switch it is 10$ more….

  • New Product – Same Old Strategise

    When the Indies start churning out Unity and Unreal ports to the eShop, Nintendo is going too look shoddy asking AAA prices for games.

    A lot of people will watch the price and hold off on buying it (unless your a huge Zelda fan) and the longer they hold the clioser they get to bargain bins and second and games.

    I always thought launch titles should be cheaper. the huge upfront cost of the console, the games dont push the machine limits. You want as many users showing off as many games as possible… else all those people taking their Switches too parties will look sad having only one game, or a paying double the console price on games and accessories. Cheap games sell consoles, Sony Platnium games were a boon for playstation sales

    • Again, this is not a Nintendo game or published by them. They don’t set the price – this would be Deep Silvers work.

      This could be a case of the publisher thinking they can get away with price gouging as it is anew console.

  • Day by day the switch is repeating the same mistakes the Wii U made. Dont have high hopes at all for the switch.

  • i’m better off importing a copy of the Vita version, i’ll deal with not understanding some of the text…

  • Nintendo just came out and said to investors they’ll think it’ll sell as much as the Wii (like a 100 million units)…. erm, with this pricing strategy and hardware/software strategy… how about no?

  • What like this is the only game?
    Super Bomberman R, which should be a budget title, is $99.95 RRP, or 89 at EB/JB
    Just Dance? $89.95

    dont even get me started on accessories…

    • Wait what; Bomberman is $100 RRP? That was the only other game I’d consider at launch, but figured there wouldn’t be enough of an install base having also bought that, to make the online for it worthwhile. At $100 NO ONE else will be playing online.

    • Seriously?? I was looking at Bomberman for my alternative launch pick-up, but DAYEM! I already own two versions of Bomberman (which I love) and I’d be willing to get this one if it was $50 or below. But man… I’ll wait for a sale or bargain bin now.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised if they were closer to $70 at Target and Big W.

      But, right, cool kids only shop at EB/JB or online right?

  • I love everyone accusing Nintendo of this – but really its Deep Silver publishing it. Has nothing to do with Nintendo.

    Also – is it physically coming out on PS4? Last I heard it was a download only title vs a Physical Cart on Switch.

    Not defending – it is a lot of cash. But when you consider your paying $50 for a digital game like this that’s also a lot to ask.

    • 3rd party publisher whose pricing is largely influenced by 1st party trends, and lets not forget Nintendo’s ridiculous licencing and cartridge costs.

  • Haven’t bought a Nintendo console in years. Sure I’m missing some *good* games but it’s simply not good value.
    Nintendo make poor business decisions and have ridiculous pricing.

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