Snake’s Back

Snake’s Back

Announced at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona earlier this morning, Nokia’s back. And not with their fancy Lumia phones, but the iconic, indestructable 3310.

And with the 3310 comes something even more important: Snake.

Snake was around well before the first Nokia phones came out – it first appeared in arcades in the mid 70’s, with the basic idea being spawned in the two-player game Blockade – but it came back into the modern gaming consciousness in the 1990’s when a version of the game was preloaded onto the monochromatic Nokia 6110.

More recently, and took the Snake concept and blew it out into an MMO browser game, although only the former reused the physical shape of an actual snake.

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Preloaded onto Nokia’s new phones (which include the 3, 5 and 6 smartphones), the latest version of Snake ships with six levels, a leaderboard, and various snake skins. The game’s also playable through Facebook Messenger, if you’d rather not invest in a phone built for a 2G network that Australia’s currently phasing out. Or you could just watch a perfect game of Snake, which comes with none of the frustration of actually playing Snake.