Some Fans Already Want To Bang Mass Effect: Andromeda's New Alien 

We don't know much about the Angara, Mass Effect's new alien race. That's OK, though. Some fans are already getting flustered just thinking about having someone new to smooch.

That someone is an Angaran called Jaal, pictured above. As Eurogamer has noted, Jaal's already got a clubhouse going on, fan art and everything. Really, it makes sense. Romance is such a big part of the franchises' identity that people are still talking about sex scenes in Mass Effect 3. It helps that Bioware itself has embraced this fact:

Producer on Mass Effect Andromeda

Over in places like Tumblr, fans are affectionately referring to Jaal as a space squid cat who they want to, ahem, get to know better:

Eurogamer claims there is porn of Jaal out there already, and while I couldn't find any myself, the idea alone pulls us down a rabbit hole of "how would this alien even f**k?".

Meanwhile, the developers over at Bioware are loving every moment of this, it seems like:


    This is why the bioware forums were shut down.

    It's bipedal and it has phalanges, same-same but different.

    If we had an alien that was nothing like a human then we can talk about how it's weird. Even then I'm not sure it would be weird.

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    It hurts that I will still probably not be able to romance a hanar. I can dream.....

    In today's news, tumblr residents obsess over and want to bang/ship fictional characters.

    More at 6.

    You claim you can't find the porn but have you simply Googled Jaal rule 34?

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