Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia’s Managing Director Has Been Made Redundant

Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia’s Managing Director Has Been Made Redundant

Kotaku Australia can confirm that Michael Ephraim, Managing Director of Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia, has been made redundant after 24 years of service.

A reliable source has confirmed that last week, the higher ups informed Michael of the decision. His redundancy will be effective at the end of this week.

Michael Ephraim arrived at Sony Australia back in 1992, after working at the now obsolete Ozisoft. Had he remained until June he would have spent 25 years as Managing Director at Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia. It’s a surprising end to an incredible run.

At this point the reasons for the redundancy are unclear. We reached out to Sony Australia locally, but have yet to hear back at time of publishing.


  • when the managing director of a division is made redundent, its usually a sign of the whole department going or fundamentally changing its role. I can see Sony about to lump us in with SIE Europe and retain local staff for marketing only

  • Been there a few years ago and don’t wish a redundancy on anyone, but have wondered exactly what is the purpose of Sony Australia? We’ve had the short end of the stick on pricing and regional content in gaming land…if they do lump us in with another region we might actually get some content.

    Sony will still screw us on price…always have.

    • Pretty much my thoughts exactly… Sony Australia is basically the bastard wanna be orphan who wants to pretend to be like his big brother all the way in Europe and getting the scraps after Europe finally decides oh sure you can have the game after we’re done with it..

      ….whilst being laughed at by his Asian/Japan cousin who’s closer and gets stuff faster then Europe =/

  • It’s tough but having MD get laid off would indicate a broader restructure and cost restrictions. May not mean that there’ll be further redundancies, but may move part of the team under a single direct report, then change that to report overseas.

    Hats off to him, 24 years in the industry with all it’s volatility is still a great achievement.

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