Square Enix Is Treating Final Fantasy 15 Like A Live Game 

Final Fantasy 15 just won't stop changing. We already knew that Square Enix was adding new cutscenes and overhauling Chapter 13, and now, director Hajime Tabata says they're adding a free-drive mode for the car, among other things.

In an Active Time Report video presentation yesterday, as translated by Gematsu (which you can watch below), Tabata promised:

1) a patch on February 21 that will raise the level cap, add "limited time" hunts and boost the game's framerate and resolution on PS4 Pro;

2) a patch on March 28 that will improve Chapter 13, to launch alongside the Episode Gladiolus DLC; and

3) off-roading for the Regalia, a feature that I guess people wanted?

To most fans, this might seem like a waste of time — why not just move on to the next game rather than adding menial features and improvements to a game that we've all already finished? But it's testament to how publishers and developers view games these days. No longer is it a smart business move to spend years making a game, release it and then immediately go to the Next Big Thing. The better practice is to keep people talking about (and buying) your game for as long as possible, through patches and DLC and, uh, driving your car off the road.


    Spent ten years on it, want to make sure they get all they can from it because you know as sure as fuck they've got nothing left after this.

    Add a proper new game + where the enemies are much harder than normal. Not the silly new game + nonsense they have now.

      Yeah I was disappointed when this was announced.

    I was so disgusted by the 'add more to chapter 13' thing. They should have said the story wasn't finished before they let people play it. I'm not restarting it for that.

      This. And that wasnt even the worst part of this whole mess.

      - Its open world and side quests were even more shallow than your generic Ubisoft game.
      - Following the ‘story’ was like trying to read a book where 95% of the pages were missing.
      - The bros (while awesome) were the only characters in the game that wern’t cardboard cutouts.
      - Combat barely worked half the time due to the amount of bad guys on the screen.
      - Boss fights? Lol.

      I cant even begin to understand how anyone thought this was a good game.

      So much potential and yet it turned out to be the worst FF of all time for me.

    I seriously have no problem with chapter 13. A less ambiguous ending would have been nice. When did the campfire take place? What happened to the bros?
    No need to patch. Justa directors commentary or something

      The campfire scene chronologically happened just prior to the team arriving in Insomnia.

        That's what i assumed, but enough people have said otherwise to make me question it. What are your thoughts on the fate of the 3 bros?

          Well I hope they were just knocked unconscious, but it's left so open I just don't know.
          The reason most think the campfire scene takes place after is due to Noctis not wearing the ring, and so concluding it must take place when the ring is destroyed. But then those players forgot that Noctis puts the ring on once he enters Insomnia.

            I feel like the bros all died unfortunately because they showed up in the spirit realm

            I'm probably not right.

              That or its the 'spirit of their friendship' that Noctis embodies to kill old mate. I dunno

                Yeah that's my other train of thought, but I'm probs morbid.

    Going off road is a good addition that people want. I don't understand the negativity towards this feature from the author.

      "A feature that I guess people wanted?"

      I'm not sure how you read this as a negative comment? It never occurred to me as being a quality of life improvement as I ride chocobos everywhere and luxury automobiles are meant to drive on the road. I agree with the author, who is basically saying "ok I guess go ahead and do that."

        My problem with the whole chocobo thing is that you have to pay to use them and even than there's a max 7 day limit that you can rent them out for. Give me the option to completely buy them, even for a lot of gil and I'll be happy.

        That being said, if at some point in the game you get unlimited chocobos, I haven't reached that part yet..

          Nah, but it isn't that much of a chore to just click the chocobo post and renew the rental. I do agree though, I wish there was chocobo ownership and breeding.

    I have this sneaking suspicion that it's less about Games as a Service and more about "We've spent 10 years and invested a lot of money into it that we need to recoup so we need to do what we can to get people to buy copies." It would explain why they invested heavily in cross media products before the game was even released and have a partnership with Cup-Noodle and Audi.

      I'm not sure why but that stuff seems like a kick in the teeth.

      It's like that whole Mountain Dew/Doritos thing... They seem more beholden to food companies than to anything else.

      Money though, can't blame them.

    My favourite part of this game is the ability to play the FF9 opening theme, a place to call home.

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