Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time Director’s Cut Is Getting An HD Version For PS4

Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time Director’s Cut Is Getting An HD Version For PS4

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In Japan, an HD version of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Director’s Cut will be released on the PlayStation 4 sometime this year. The game will be download only.

The official name of the full-HD up-rendered version is Ultimate Hits HD Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Director’s Cut. Jaggies and light shadows have been reduced, resulting in clearer images as the game has been run through Sony’s own HD emulator.

The original version of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was released in 2003 on the PlayStation 2 in Japan. The Director’s Cut version, which had new gameplay modes and playable characters was released in Japan and internationally the following year.

Via 4Gamer, here is a first look at what to expect.

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The game will have Trophy support, Share functions, and Remote Play. Pricing is still TBA, and there is no word yet about an international release.


  • I remember this game looking fairly impressive back on PS2. Either I have a terrible memory, or it really hasn’t aged well. 🙁

    Tri-Ace’s insistence on going for a more ‘realistic’ (for the hardware) rendering style rather than something a bit more stylized always seems to come back to haunt them. If you compare to something of similar style and vintage like Tales of the Abyss for example, Tales looks vastly less dated when upscaled.

    Hopefully this time it’ll be dual audio too. The English dub for the Star Ocean games is horrendous.

    • This was pretty damn nice for its time and I don’t think a more stylized art direction would have worked as well in this game. The story and themes were just a little too grounded and serious for it to have worked as well.
      That said, yes, the english dub is amazingly awful. there’s a handful of decent performances mostly from the main cast but good grief so many of the side characters sounded like high pitched burning garbage.

  • I’ll still pick it up if for nothing else but to encourage more PS2 to PS4 remakes. I had a great time replaying Wild Arms 3 and 100%ing it.

    Now give us Dragon Quest 8 you damn savages Square!

  • I remember getting this game as a kid because my dad said he would get me one game from EBgames as a present. I picked FFXI because I loved final fantasy but had no clue that XI was an MMO. rather than just let me buy the game and regret it later, the EBgames guy pointed out I would need to keep paying money to play it and suggested Star Ocean til the end of time if I like final fantasy.
    Still grateful to that random EBgames employee.

  • Dear Tri Ace,

    If you like breathing, there had better be an international release.

    Star Ocean Fan.

  • I got stuck somewhere in the game and could never really get back into it. I’ve thought about returning to this game a couple times as I really want to experience the train wreck of an ending personally.

  • Will it fix the issue where the soldiers with guns near the end if the game stunlocked you to death. That was so dumb.

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