Street Fighter II’s M. Bison Loses To A Toyota 

Street Fighter II’s M. Bison Loses To A Toyota 

I beat he could kick some Prius arse.

[GIF via Toyota]

In Toyota’s latest C-HR ad, the crossover makes its way through Street Fighter II and faces off with M. Bison.

Guess this is payback for the beating Toyota-inspired cars have taken in Street Fighter bonus stages over the years.


    • In the original Japanese version, the bosses’ names were different. The character known as Vega in the western version was called Balrog, M. Bison was called Vega and Balrog was called M. Bison. The names were changed the the western releases allegedly due to the fear that having a boxer called “M. Bison” could cause legal action from real-life boxer, Mike Tyson.

  • Prius’ are that small? The thing’s waist high.

    You’d barely fit Mum & Dad & 3 kids. No way you’d be able to cram 5 guys in there!

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