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    Mornin' everyone.

      G'morning. Have a good weekend?

        T'was alright. Started in a new department at work on Saturday night, the online homeshop part of Woolworths. I kinda liked it. It's amusing what some customers buy. Had one order for a click & collect for Sunday where all they bought was chocolate, about 100 blocks of cadbury of varying sorts lol. Another person all they bought was a packet of MiGoreng noodles lol.

          Another person all they bought was a packet of MiGoreng noodles lol.

          Funny in terms of quantity but at the same time that is a good way on how a physical store can adapt in this online world.

          One of the main irritations of going to the store is not finding everything one needs; especially for my mother who is allergic to wheat.

          To Click and Collect is only natural; have the satisfaction of the goods being there while still keeping the traditional routine of being exposed to UV rays so one doesn't die of Vitamin D deficiency caused by our online world, :-P

            Yeah, I think that one was like they bought one grocery item along with say alcohol & ciggarettes or some fozen/chilled food. Like i'd be certain they were not just buying a 5 pack of noodles lol. But yeah it's hella convenient for a lot of people, have someone else pick your shopping. Most annoying is produce though imo. Most people were asking for green bananas, which is kinda hard when what is available is pretty ripe lol.

              A friend of mine once ordered 2kg of beef mince and got 2kg of sausages. Not sure how that "substitute" was supposed to work...

                A pair of scissors.

                Not to say your friend should have immediately accepted the substitute but in certain recipes it can work, I've often used sausage mince to make pastas instead of plain mince for a different flavour.

                  I agree, nothing wrong with sausages, but they're not a substitute for mince when you've had your groceries delivered.

                  @cookingmama since the thread is full, my bad. I misread the thread thinking it was some kind of in store pickup, a delivery is a whole different kettle of fish.

                  No worries @zimmy - there's really not much difference between click&collect or homeshop. In both cases someone else does the picking and you get to check when you get home. I got burned a several years ago with woolies homeshop (sorry @virus__ I'm sure it's better now) when I had an order with at least 4 things missing or badly substituted, and one item so damaged I had to take it back for a refund - a plastic lunchbox that looked like it had been dragged across the carpark and was completely scratched up.

                  I have, however, had some really great experiences with Coles home delivery - even ordering and having stuff delivered interstate!

                You'll sometimes get workers who don't give a shit what they pick for a customer. We have a rule at our store if we wouldn't buy it, we won't pick it for the customer. So we wouldn't pick mince that is oxidising and going brown, or bananas that have a million brown spots, tins with dents in them etc.. Common logic, but yet this prevails some people heh.

          Is there a minimum order for click and collect? I'm guessing there isn't if someone is just buying noodles.

            Honestly I doubt it, since we just started doing it in BWS & you can order a single item from us.

              I really like the Dan Murphy's Click & Collect, if you're in a metro area, you can order within 2 hours and even have it all chilled.

              I should do click and collect more often for groceries, much easier than dragging a cranky child around the store, and less chance to fall prey to impulse buys.

                Yeah my local Dans does that too. I had to laugh I saw the other week Liquorland announced click & collect, only 30 minute wait. That was amusing :P

                In theory you should save money! :D

      We have heat and rain so I'm really not sure what is going on
      How was your weekend?

        Weekend was good, played soem GTA V started a fresh game on the new PC runs at high settings on my current GPU at 60 fps which is impressive, also worked. It was also very hot here, and rained, it sucked, so much humidity x.x

          let me know next time you are on for some sandbox shenanigans... tried it for the first time since i got my acer predator monitor, and seems to run great in 4k. been meaning to jump back into it here and there...

          im still addicted to Rocket League even though i have tons of new games to play... (Overwatch, Last Guardian, Watchdogs 2, Titanfall 2, etc...)

            I haven't touched GTA Online since I first got it on PS3 almost 4 years ago lol. I just cruise around in single player, i've only finished it 6 or 7 times. Still enjoy it every time lol.

      Good morning!

      It's monday, I brought home-made banana bread in to share at work, my son went to back to school with all his lunch and all his uniform. The week is off to a good start!

    One of the guys I work with asked me to build him a cheap PC for browsing the web & downloading movies/music, after seeing the few PC's i've built in the last 6 months. Came up with this for $529 including a copy of Windows 10 Home 64-bit & delivery for parts from Umart.

    It's got a120GB SSD, 8GB ram, 2TB HDD, CPU should be fine for what he is doing, the case is nice too look at & has sound dampening foam & i'll include one of my spare blu-ray drives for free cause he's a pretty good mate & calls me up for shifts first over anyone else.

    Well, my weekend turned out to be interesting. Like the two or three others here, I backed HD-DVD back in the day.

    After leaving my disks and drive in a box for four years I decided to give Dragonheart a spin. Imagine my surprise when I found the disk wouldn't work.

    At first I though the drive finally died so I got out the spare. That didn't work either.

    I seen found that my disk was unreadable. And check online that in their later life, HD-DVDs easily suffered from Bit-Rot; where the materials fail and the data can no longer be read.

    Somehow, I missed this back in the day.

    The upshot; of the 22 movies and two boxsets (Blade Runner and The Ultimate Matrix Collection), only four single movies still work and all but the Workprint version of Blade Runner works. Even the DVD side of my Matrix disks no longer work.

    So for the two or three here who still have HD-DVDs, now might be time to see which disks still work.

    For me, I still don't intend to replace them with Blu-Ray. I'm going to hold out to see if a proper 4K version emerges for the movies I really liked (such as Dragonheart).

      Is Bluray also affected by the same issues? I don't think I've had any bit rot problems with my collection.

      Incidentally Blade Runner was the first thing I ever bought on Bluray.

        First up, sorry I had the wrong term. It's actually called disk rot but the idea is the same as bit rot.

        Bit-rot means age cause the binary representation to change thus corrupting data. Disk rot is where the materials fail thus making regions and even the whole disk unreadable.

        Look up the term on Wikipedia and there is even a section aptly called HD-DVD rot. It's a problem with disks manufactured from 2006 to 2008 (the year the format died).

        The most common disks to fail (according to Internet posts) was often Warner Bros. disks. Which might explain why they took Sony's money; they were trying to save themselves from poor quality control of their own disks.

        BluRay though I think is fine. No doubt Sony has strict quality controls given that royalties have to be paid to Sony to use the format. I'm sure they too can suffer disk rot but hopefully the media's life can be measured in decades while HD-DVD sadly seems to have failures within a few years.

        One final tidbit; I even looked at the back of some of my failed disks. Some have turned cloudy while my copy of Happy Feet has turned copper yellow.

        Last edited 02/02/17 11:54 am

          Same problem as early CD-R and DVD-R then? The particular chemicals they used in the plastic degrade over time and you can't read the data layer any more, or the data layer degrades and is destroyed by the slow decay of the chemicals.

          Sadly all optical media will go this way eventually. As well as most of our magnetic media too. This is why it's so important to have digital backups of everything and to keep the backups fresh.

            Same problem as early CD-R and DVD-R then?

            Couldn't tell ya, mate.

            Older CDs for me seemed indestructable. Never had issue with them. They only stopped working when I put them through a shredder after copying them to a hard disk.

            If anything, due to Hollywood constantly whining about piracy I think newer media is more likely to fail because they are rigged to fail.

            Doesn't matter if the disks have family photos; fearing Hollywood, manufacturers basically put a Blade Runner style lifespan on the disks.

            If Tyrell was real, he'd be smiling.

              Disc rot was and is a big issue with certain CD-Rs and DVD-R/RW. Depended on the manufacturer. I've never seen a failed officially pressed CD but I think we'll start seeing them soon, as a CD lifespan is projected to be between 20 and 100 years and we've been making them since the 80s

    So RE7 is pretty great, after the first hour or so.

    It transforms from Outlast-style horror, to ammo-conservation-heavy survival horror with RE-style puzzles, to straight up F.E.A.R. Only real complaint I have with it is that

    Really cool plot, neat (and amazingly ridiculous) twist at the end that's telegraphed just enough to make you start guessing at it from the beginning (but never really believing it until it happens), some instances of amazingly grotesque enemy design... loved it.

    Okay, so, I'm thinking of creating speedpainting videos of some of my shirt designs. I'm planning on starting a new lot that will be available on Viral style, so people may purchase them. Would Taybies be interested in watch me stuff up a lot sped right up?

    Also, can anyone recommend free video editing software?

    Last edited 30/01/17 1:31 pm

      I'm torn about watching sped up videos. On one hand, I loved the Benny Hill-esq novelty of it all, but then realise it's normally of stuff I can't do, so just makes me feel inadequate, faster...

        I was going to speed it up, otherwise it'd be like a 4 hour long video. Maybe more

      Of the top of my head, I can only think of AviDemux but I don't know if that will fit the bill for your.

      Heck, I dunno if it is even maintained anymore.

        So, a giant shrug then?

          Your best best would be just find out what other YouTubers are using. Maybe they can point you to some AV software; in the very least a cheap/free product they themselves may have had to use before they gained the views needed to make a living.

          AviDemux was something I used to use before using a better tool called Project-X. But that was when I used to copy my PlayTV recordings to cut out the ads and keep the end result.


            I will ask Dr. Google

              I'm a huge fan of Cinelerra, it is production level stuff, runs on anything and is free.


                I ended up grabbing a youtube based one. You can see the result below

                  Looks really good. And really sums up the last month!

                I'm sorry to hear that

    Went to the Aus Open final last night.
    Entered a competition at Grill'd to win 2 Ground Passes about two weeks ago, checked my email on Friday night, and found out that I'd won the competition.

      In the outside grass area with the big screen?
      Did that a couple of years ago, was quite good. Fantastic game to watch there and crowd would have been bonkers

        Yep, and they ended up opening Margaret Court Arena and showing the final on the screens inside.

    Trying to find a new pair of boots for work that I can wear out as well, so naturally I need something with out a steel toe & want something with a zip sides & laces. Turns out that is harder than I expected. The boots I have now, whilst great, they're steel toe and means I can't go to a lot of places wearing them, it sucks. Since I have found boots give me better support and less fatigue than any other type of closed footwear i've worn.

    Managed to find a pair of Steelblue brand ones, only $200... Might have to bite the bullet & get those. Well first off find out if any local workwear places stock that particular one or can order them in..

      Preferred boots in HS for similar reasons, plus they lasted a hell of a lot longer than any pair of runners I've had since. Got very confused when I wasn't allowed to wear them for Uni... Never even considered before that there could be rules against steel-toe boots - sure they can be dangerous when used maliciously... but so can a pen.

        Yeah, I used to wear steel toe joggers in high school, heh. Like I made the mistake when I was down in Tassie a few years back took my boots, got denied entry to several places cause of them. Even though when I was in Melbourne the previous day I bought a pair of shoes, but was lazy and didn't wanna wear them because it involved doing up laces lol.

    After finishing Twilight Princess on Saturday, I went straight onto Skyward Sword.

    I figure I must be about halfway through now, beaten the first three surface temple thingos and just gone on to find out about the three sacred fires or whatever they are. But damn I am loving this game at the moment, I can't imagine why everyone seems to hate on it so much. There's a few irritating features here and there (worst of which I think is the "force you to stop and read item descriptions on every new boot of the game" thing), but it's fantastic in so many areas. I especially love the writing, there's so much personality to these characters. Ghirahim is great. And the presence of so many smartarse dialogue options really speaks to me :P

      I liked Skyward sword. I just got very sick of fighting the black thing very quickly.

      Reasons why everyone hates on it:
      - The stamina meter is a fucking daft addition that adds nothing to gameplay and gets in the way because Link's running speed is too slow
      - Even with MotionPlus, the waggle is still very flaky and often doesn't do what you expect it to do, especially if you're wanting to just relax and enjoy the game. The waggle adds nothing to the enjoyment of the game, but a lot to the frustration of playing it.
      - The overworld where you fly the bird thing is utterly empty. It makes the open seas in Wind Waker looked packed with content.
      - Backtracking through the same temples repeatedly is boring.
      - The game is super fucking chatty and constantly wants to explain everything and hold your hand as if you're a 50-year-old grandma that's touching this new-fangled gaming system for the first time ever. Constantly interupts the flow of the game with these messages.
      - The shield only can absorb four hits before it breaks, meaning you have to dodge or parry every attack or keep buying new ones. This was a personal issue I had with the game, found it incredibly hard to deal with some of the enemies because of this.
      - Link is not left-handed.

        I think I pretty much don't feel that way about any of that.

        Except link is not left-handed. That I can wholly agree with :P

          I mean, if the game works for you then more power to you I guess. I hated every second I spent in it personally. I was possibly a bit spoiled though because IIRC I'd just finished Darksiders and that was by far the better Zelda game.

    Welp, just handed in my notice at work...

    Look's like Operation: Morkai's Moving To Melbourne is officially underway!

      Good choice. Melbourne is The Place That Has PAX.

        And ME. And possibly some other people. Possibly.


          I have heard of these fabled "people who live in Melbourne" before... Rare, sometimes skittish creatures I hear, frequently drunk and/or hopped up on hard to source coffee varieties, yelling variations of "CAAAAARNN DEEEEEEEEEES!" and the like.

            What is a "DEEEEEEEEEES"? I is a "BLUUUUUUUUUUUES". :)

            Can also be found at Victory and Rebels games... and yes, beer. Craft, preferably. Ping when you have an arrival date, we should get a TAY meat sorted. Its been a while.

              We really need to do another meat soon, say a few taybies last week but a proper meat would be good

                I used to organise them, once upon a time.

                FWIW, I'll probably be aiming to be back in Melbourne for a week or two in March/April (renewing my Visa unless that gets Trumped). We should do a meat for that.

              We're looking at Brunswick temporarily while we get settled into jobs, and I notice there's somewhere called The Alehouse Project there that looks interesting :D

                There are many good purveyors of ale in this area. I'm in Coburg North, just a bit further up. Coburg's a little cheaper than Brunswick and just as convenient.

                Didn't we discuss this a few months back? :) It's ringing bells.

                  Yeah we did, staying in Brunswick will likely be a share house of some sort while we get settled into jobs and get grounded. I've got a cousin in Ascot Vale, and a bunch of friends scattered around, some in Box Hill and Balwyn, others in St Kilda, you're in Coburg, Scree is in Maribyrnong from memory, so who knows where we'll end up.


                  Anywhere within 10ish km of the CBD is easy to get around as you'll have trams/trains/buses/bikes as realistic options. :) Brunnie's a good place to start out.

    I just bought a replica 'bad motherfucker' wallet that Jules sports in Pulp Fiction, officially licensed from Miramax too! Only $35 AUD with free shipping, can't complain. I needed a new wallet since my old one has worn away on the spine. I'm pretty harsh on wallets, go through one every year or 2 :/

    This is a random question but I've kind of got stuck in my Googling.

    Was trying to sort out the Andromeda preorders, I love ME and was going to make an exception with preordering. I don't need a car, model or RC but was thinking I'd get the Deluxe version. I'm also leaning towards PC.

    Is there just no Physical copies of that version coming to Australia? Is my only option the Bioware store for a console copy or Origin store for the pc? If not where can I get these preordered in Aus?

    Cheers for the help guys.

      Possibly all sold out on PC. Bloody pre-orders. :(

      To be honest i'm not seeing any physical copies of the deluxe for PC, plenty for xbone & PS4, but none for PC.

      Edit: Doesn't look like there's physical PC copies in New Zealand either. Matter of fact Gamestop in the US don't have it listed for PC at all & Canada EB Games only have the regular version. So i'm gonna Origin is your best bet..

      Last edited 01/02/17 9:10 pm

      I believe there just straight up is no physical deluxe version for PC. Only digital. Deluxe is console only.


        I shall just cry instead.


          I ordered the PS4 Deluxe edition because of this but I might cave and buy on Origin in the end because PC is just more comfortable for me to play longer games on. Wonder if it'll work with Steam Link.

    I had a rant all written up to post on the good game article, but I just can't bring myself to post it because trolls.

      Go for it!

      *wanders off to find popcorn*

      I'll post it here, only because I don't want to waste all the words on asshats. Also, spoilers for Wall of Text:

      I'd like to take a moment to talk about some of the comments I've read lately regarding the hosts of Good Game, in particular the negative comments towards Hex.

      1. The persistent belief that her presence on the show was "pandering" to "someone" and that she somehow was personally responsible for Junglist leaving the show. By all accounts at the time, Junglist had some serious disagreements/personality clashes with the producers and was fired/asked to resign. It was not a happy decision for him or viewers, but the simple fact is that he was replaced. Hex would have auditioned for the role with many others, and was chosen for her abilities to work with the team, her passion for gaming, and her screen skills - just like any other job. To hold her responsible for management decisions when all she did was put in a successful job application is incredibly unfair.

      And as for "pandering"? Having a female presenter supports other female gamers, female game developers, and spawnling girls. Representation is important! I don't have to agree with her every opinion or every review, but I really appreciate her presence.

      2. She has pink/black/braided hair, wears too much/not enough makeup, wears weird/boring clothes. This one is easy. Stop judging a woman's ability to do her job by how she looks. If a woman comes to work without makeup, she hasn't "let herself go". If she's wearing comfortable clothes, she hasn't "let her standards slip". If she's wearing makeup and had her hair coloured, she's not trying to prove anything - that's just her choice. If her employer has no problem with her appearance, then it's not a problem. Do you judge your co worker if he comes to work with stubble, the same jeans he wore last week or if he gets a haircut? Did anyone threaten to stop watching the show when Bajo coloured his hair?

      3. Hex was too political, and expressed "controversial" opinions instead of just "talking about the game". I can't think of anything more dull than two presenters who agree with each other on everything. Imagine if Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton had agreed on every movie they reviewed! Hex's opinions are her own, and if you disagree, that's ok. Don't become a sexist idiot by taking it a step further and insisting that a woman with an opinion is part of some convoluted conspiracy to ruin gaming. We're right here guys, we have brains with thoughts and feelings. Just listen. Please.

      Last edited 03/02/17 12:09 pm

        This is an outstanding comment that would have been utterly, utterly wasted in that comment section.

          Thank you :)

            I really wish you had put it on that page, it is exactly my feelings, but expressed way better than I can usually manage.

    Hey Brisbane TAYbies, i'm off to see Green Day's Broadway production of American Idiot the Musical (me going to a musical right? My excuse is Chris Cheney of The Living End is in it ha) with a couple of friends from Melbourne, it's at QPAC & we're staying on Elizabeth street. So what's some recommendations for places to eat in that sorta area that's good?

    G'day all.
    I've been up and down for a while, went through the wringer for a couple of months, but kind of emerging out the other side now.
    Apologies to everyone I lost contact with for a while, but I was really underwater.

      Glad to hear things are getting better =D

      Welcome back. No need to apologise for not posting, this is here to be fun and supportive and if you you aren't getting that or need something else then you do it
      Any interesting gaming stuff while you were gone?

        Erm, I think I played Mario Kart once with my kids :)
        I have gone back to working on restoring Empire Strikes Back from 35mm, I'd really love to have one of those old Vector based Atari Star Wars cockpit games.

    So Kitchen Reno is at a standstill. We ran out of money, so we're without an Oven until we can afford to get more cupboards. Our rates have been really expensive this year, so we've been struggling a bit. Luckily, our Microwave has convection, but at the same time, we still don't have a dishwasher.

    In other news, there's a gastro bug going around in Melbourne. Mum caught it, so be careful.

      Ugh. Rates. I bargained with the local council to pay them every week cause it was about the only way that made it affordable for us. Considering how little we now get for our rates, it pisses me off they're so much >_>

      Sucks about the kitchen reno :( How much has it cost so far if you don't mind me asking? I'm wanting to re-do our kitchen this year, since it's only like 45 years old lol..

        We're paying our rates on the credit card as the credit card has 6 months interest free on purchases over $250.

        I think we spent about $800 on 3 cabinets and a sink. It was $800 for the plumbing to be fixed, which was cheap for the pipe fixing that was required. The pantry was $600 too.
        I'm tempted to make a goFundMe to get enough to finish the cabinets

          Sounds like you got yourself some good deals there! I was looking at stuff in Bunnings today, god sinks are expensive.. I've thought it would probably be cheaper to get something fabricated from my mate who works with stainless :|

            It was the cheapest sink money could buy =P

            Oddly, Ikea had the cheapest sinks last time I had to buy one, and they were pretty good too.

    I feel like I'm barely ever on TAY any more. Part of the reason is that it disappears for about two hours between around 11am and 2pm when Alex takes it down to repost it each day, but not much I can do about that since it's a timezone thing.

    I've been playing a lot of Tales of Berseria since it released. The PC version's not a great port, with a lot of bugs. Runs like utter arse on my laptop, but I suspect my laptop is the problem there (it seems like I've burned out a RAM module :( ). Had some random performance bugs where it locks down to 25fps until you reboot your PC and stuff.

    But that aside, it's a great game so far. Doesn't fuck around for hours upon hours establishing the plot - you're introduced to the main character and her Epic Personal Quest within the first half an hour. Plot starts hot, doesn't need to heat up. I really appreciate that. Velvet herself is a fucking great protagonist too, a proper anti-hero with a lot of layers. I'd say getting pretty close to giving Yuri a run for the best protagonist in the franchise. The rest of the cast is really good too. They're maybe a little stereotypical but they immediately bounce off each other in good ways. Magilou is probably the stand-out, with the constant scheming and the weird way she speaks (at least in Japanese - she talks in an archaic feudal-era style, drawn-out speech patterns like a character from a Noh play).

    Combat-wise we've gone from famine to feast. Zestiria's combat was godawful thanks to that horrible Armatization system among other things. Berseria throws it all away for a free-flowing system that's very reminiscent of Tales of Graces, though instead of CC, they have a 'soul gauge' which initially starts at 3, can go as low as 1 and as high as 5. You gain them by killing enemies and inflicting status ailments, and can pass one into a target in order to pull out Velvet's demon hand abilities which buff her and enable extra attacks as well as re-filling the gauge. It works really nicely, the only real issue is that there are times when you can be stuck on 1-2 waiting for RNG to let you land a stun so you can keep things moving. Like with Zestiria, encounters happen on the map itself rather than in an arena you're transported to, though they've gone back to having a proper transitional wipe etc. so it feels more like older Tales.

    My biggest criticism is the character advancement system. It's basically just not there. You get tons and tons and tons of gear, and need to 'enhance' said gear by breaking stuff into components then using the components to build it up. This means most stuff you get from chests isn't an actual upgrade, you never have enough materials to keep everyone in up-to-date gear, and it's all very confusing. You unlock skills on the gear but the skills are only active when wearing the gear I think? It's just not well explained. You also sometimes get items from bosses and hunts (there's a hunting system where you have extra-strong optional bosses to fight on the way through areas) and those items seem to give a permanent bonus ability, like added burn or poison effects or showing the number of unopened chests on the map or the like, so you really want to do all the optional bosses as you play. I find I'm really missing the more interesting character building systems we had in, for example, Xillia.

    The other interesting thing with the game is that it's a prequel to Zestiria. You're going to enjoy it a lot more I think if you already suffered through that game (it's not bad, but mediocre and disappointing) or watched the anime. There's obvious connections (Eizen is Edna's brother for example, and Zavied pops up a few times) but there's a lot more that's hinted at. The more interesting hinting, though, is that Berseria and Zestiria's world may actually Derris-Kharlan from Phantasia and Symphonia. It's not overt, but there's a lot of hinting. People are familiar with the Goddess Martel (who was a major character in Phantasia and Symphonia) and mention both her and Yggdrasil, but as mythological figures. Also Eizen carries a coin with him that has Dhaos on one side. It's supposedly an ancient coin from Kharlan. This would make Berseria potentially a sequel to Phantasia. Symphonia and Phantasia take place in two worlds that orbit each other (Derris-Kharlan and Aselia) and Derris-Kharlan was the planet where Dhaos came from so it all seems to check out and I think this is really interesting if it's true.

      Glad you are enjoying it, seems like it has been a while since something you were looking forward to turned out to meet expectations

      Does TAY not exist at all for those couple of hours, I would have though that links from your profile would still work no matter what

        Nope, when it's taken down everything disappears, even the notifications and comment links.

        EDIT: Also, I'd say that FFXV exceeded my expectations and The Last Guardian was amazing too, so had a good run recently. Hoping that continues too - Horizon: Zero Dawn looks really good and that's out soon, as is Nier.

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    I'm scanning alien ruins. It's all full of lore and mad shit. @os42 you need to do this.... :)

      Jeez... I don't even remember what system I'm in, let alone which dock - but I'm pretty sure I'm abusing the heck out of their 'free parking' policy. :P Might pop on sometime, see what's new... been looking for something to play after finishing RE7 on Sunday, and giving up on a dagger that Diablo3 just refuses to drop for me.

      I've only been hopping onto Destiny for Nightfalls and a chance at Icebreaker, which dropped on Monday... even hopped back onto Warframe the last couple of nights, but it's changed so much and been so long that I've got no idea what I should even be doing (it took me half an hour to figure out the controls :P). I'm kinda concerned E:D will be similar, considering I stopped because I didn't really understand what I should be aiming to achieve, let alone how.

        Did my back in a week about so Destiny's been a no-no (sofa bad, lumbar chair goooood). Still need Icebreaker. Been all about Elite this last couple of weeks of my holiday too.

        I will nurture you and be your guide. ;) I haven't been to the alien crash site yet, or been hyperdicted by the Guardian flower ship, but I'm having mucho fun scanning obelisks and reading lore and hints and stuff. It's like Grimoire Cards... but actually in-game! \o/

        Also been really active in the

          In the...? In the...?!

          :P Okay, logged in and was at Fisher station in AZ Cancri... I seem to remember I was trading rares. I also seem to remember it wasn't hostile when I was here last, tho that was a while ago... Booked it the 120Ly to the capitol of the faction I'd apparently pledged at some point, followed some basic missions, made 300k plus rep/influence and ended up parking at Couper Hub in Kamadhenu for tonight. Hmm... will probably need to look into who I'm apparently supporting...

          Last edited 03/02/17 12:20 am

   the various community goals. including attempting to get a station for Mobius out at Colonia. :)

            You'll need to friend request Trike About as I'm playing in my second account at the moment. :)

      I really should fire up Elite, I haven't played it since about 3 months after release. I have no idea where to start.

        Planetary landings are great (although you'll need the Horizons expansion for that). There's bounty hunting, mining, trading, exploration, combat, joining one of 2 major factions (Empire or Federation) and working up towards certain military ships. You can sign up with one of several "power play" factions and influence their growth. Passenger missions are excellent for making money too.

        I'm generally an explorer and spending time investigating the alien ruins, but I'm also pretty active in the Kunti and Azrael systems helping the ED ANZ and Order of Mobius minor factions maintain their systems.

        If you decide to fire it up, feel free to friend request me and I'll wing up with you, provide some cover as you do missions or work things out. Bounty hunting in wings is much fun.

    Aaaand beaten Skyward Sword, woo! I really liked that, and the final battle(s) were super satisfying. Credits roll was great too, showing the other side of the story and giving the orchestral eargasms.

    All prepped for Breath of the Wild now. Mad hype :P

      I should probably actually finish it.

      Or I can just keep playing pokemon

        I am struggling to want to even try to get back to pokemon. Regretful purchase.

          I'm rather enjoying it.

            I dunno if it's just the start of the game but it was all so stop-start-stop-start with all the dialoguey bits it just felt like such a hard slog to make any progress.

            Also there's not even any 3D :P

              It's also railroaded like nobodies business


      Morning Freeze
      Have you lost the battle and started yelling obscenities at the MP across from you yet

        She was there for literally half an hour before mixing with the common people disgusted her too much and she took off.

    Does anyone know a $100-$200 range camera that does auto-backup via WiFi? My dad broke my work camera and apparently Samsung don't make that model any more.

    I have played about two hours of until dawn, here are my impressions.

    Why is every character a jerk?

    The run button does barely anything.

    Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, interact, walk, walk walk, walk, cut scene, choice, cut scene, rinse and repeat.

    I get that I'm fairly early in the game (I spent an hour looking for the goddamn can of deodorant), but there are glimpses of a story there, and that's what really interests me.

      You are old and they are accurate representations of teenagers?

        Entirely possible. Also, they could just be jerks

      Every character's a jerk so that you don't feel bad about seeing them die. Except one of them, who you'll dislike less than the others... maybe even start to like them... and then accidentally get them murdered minutes from the end of the game. ;_;

        It's like the complete opposite of design fundementals in a horror game. You're supposed to care about the characters, not hope they get what's coming to them.

          Well, stress does change them if they survive long enough... I'd guess that 'everyone starts a jerk' was a way to make losing someone early on less punishing, and as people start to break down and you start sympathising, you realise you don't dislike them enough to want to see them hanging from a meat-hook.

          Besides, there's something oddly satisfying about preventing walking cliches from dying to horror tropes. Don't know about you, but it was oddly vindicating to prove to myself that people can actually survive a horror movie by not being complete idiots, regardless of how I felt about most of the characters.

            I'm hoping it changes as I continue playing.
            Can't help comparing it to Project Zero though.

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